outlook data file cannot be configured

Solve outlook data file cannot be configured step-by-step


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Easy Problem-Solving Methods for When Your Outlook Data File Cannot Be Configured.

You may be worried, as there is a pop up on your screen saying “Your Outlook data file cannot be configured”. If ‘yes, let’s try these problem-solving methods.

outlook data file cannot be configured

The problem here obviously is with the data files. And here you can either try a particular one if you know where the error is or else you can try all of them, one by one. But always remember the close all your outlook and all its tabs before starting this process. Also, Create a Backup of all the data you will be working on. This will protect you from losing crucial information in the process.

  • The OST Issue

The file is created by Outlook to help you work easily without being online. In case of an error occurring due to any issue with this file, we have to delete the file to solve the error of the outlook data file cannot be configured. Outlook will then create the one which won’t have any issue.

To do so,

  • You must have to first Go the Control Panel.
  • In that search for ‘mail’ and choose it from the options.
  • There select the first option i.e the ‘Email Accounts’ option.
  • Then simply select ‘Data files’ and then ‘Exchange Account’.
  • Now on the top of the white blank screen, you will see a small icon named ‘Open file location’. Once you select it, the file whose name ends with .ost will appear. Just Delete it.

outlook data file cannot be configured


  • The PST Issue

This is another file that is created by Outlook to save your personal information to function at a greater speed. There are many instances where it might get corrupted. These can be due to the mistakes we do while using Outlook or can also happen due to entry of any menace like a virus.

There are also many ways to repair it and the easiest of them is SCANPST.XE. With its name itself, you may have got the idea that it scans the PST folder. And with that scanning, it detects the problem in that and solves it.

  • Go to the search box.
  • Type: scanpst.xe.
  • There browse for your PST file. Once you find it, select the ‘Repair’ Option.
  • You will see the scanning started. That’s it. Easy isn’t it

outlook data file cannot be configured

  • The NST Issue

NST is a similar file to both above, created to enhance the experience. It can also get damaged due to bad practices either by you or those external threats.

  • To repair NST, you must first copy it and rename its extension to OST after pasting it in the other folder.
  • Repair this pasted folder with ‘System Recovery Tool’.
  • For this first search for it in the tool by pressing ‘Add File’.
  • Select the renamed files and press the ‘Export’ button.
  • Now you will see an empty column with ‘Browse’ written beside it.
  • Search for the folder where you would like to store the repaired file.
  • Press ‘OK’ and select ‘Export’. ‘PROBLEM SOLVED”

Also, following some Basic Things, you can do to fix outlook data file cannot be configured

  • Delete all the Applications and Data, that you don’t need.
  • Do all the Updates the Computer is asking for.

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