What is Yahoo mail temporary error 15? (Full Solution)


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Yahoo has been the known email service, and users are enjoying yahoo mail features. Yahoo mail services used for sending and receiving mails and has immense storage. But people are facing various issues which include yahoo mail temporary error 15. This error appears when the user uses many other applications at a single time, or there are many windows open at a particular time.  This issue comes with a result of slowing down your computer and prevent the user to access to the mail account. It causes your computer data freezes or collapsed your data. Sometimes the quote like “Yahoo Temporary Error 15”, this pop-up message appears when your yahoo mail account freezes or collapsed. Well, these issues sometimes solved on its own but sometimes.

Steps to Fix “Yahoo Temporary Error 15”:

  • Clear your cache and cookies: Sometimes when your start browsing, then you get to reach some of the unsecured or unprotected websites, and then some cookies come to your PC and try to collapse your data. It may result in freezing your data or personal documents which you need to solve as soon as possible. If yahoo mail temporary error 15 appears then you can try to clear your browsing history, cookies, cache, etc.
  • Logout your yahoo mail account: You need to make sure when yahoo mail temporary error 15 appears you can just logout from your yahoo mail account. Sometimes this trick can solve your issue and try to login again so that you can get rid out of this error.
  • Refresh your email account: Sometimes the easiest way to get rid of that error is to refresh the yahoo mail account preface. You can just refresh the page and see that there is no yahoo error that appears or not.
  • Updated version: You just need to make sure that when the user is using yahoo mails in the application then you need to update the application. Do not use the outdated version of yahoo mails. Or whenever the user is using yahoo mails account in the browser then the browser needs to be updated. It is very helpful for not facing these kinds of issues like yahoo mails temporary error 15.
  • Turning off the airplane mode: You need to make sure that your internet connection is strong so that you do not need to face these kinds of issues. When there is slow internet then the temporary error 15 happens. By turning off then on, the network might be strong and easily connected and your yahoo mail account will not show any error again.


We wish that through this article users get to know about the yahoo temporary error 15 and the reason behind that. The user needs to know that their antivirus should keep a check on the viruses and the malware which affected the computer and your data. By the way, in between any of the issues and users got stuck in between that, there is customer support which helps you to solve this error as soon as possible. You will not need to worry about anything and hassle-free contact the yahoo customer support.

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