Workforce WF 3640 not printing 


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Workforce WF 3640 is one of Epson’s printers. It is all in one printer which helps to scan, photocopy, etc. it brings out the best picture quality in your prints. Epson is the trusted manufacturer of printers. Now we talk about the Workforce WF 3640 is as good as other Epson’s products.

Features of workforce WF 3640

  • Good speed
  • Great picture quality
  • Used in small business as well as big business
  • Two-sided print with great pages holder

Well now, this article is all about the Workforce WF 3640, not printing. When you have some machine, there are chances of errors. In this, you can face the error of not printing. There are several reasons for the issues. Just look for some of them.


  • One of the main causes of this error is when your printer is not properly connected to the gadget and maybe you are using tangled or broken wire. Then it automatically shuts down.
  • In case you are using the out-dated printer drivers and or some corrupted drivers which will lead to that issue.
  • Due to the ink cartridges. When you are running out of ink cartridges then this error occurs.
  • Out-dated drivers are the main cause of this error.

After looking for some of the reasons then you need to see some of the solutions. In the further article, you can have a look for the troubleshooting steps which is quite easy.

Troubleshooting steps

Clean dust inside the printer

  • If we don’t keep our printer perfect and away from the residue, soil, and ink, it can cause not printing blunders. Cleaning your printer will address the blunder.
  • You’ll wash your printer consistently. To begin with, turn it off to clean the printer.
  • Take a fabric with a little dump and clear the printer out. To clean the inward leg, use build-up free fabrics and rub liquor with a delicate hand.
  • Ought not to press to move any hardware. You can utilize a compact vacuum cleaner or clean the air on the off chance that you need.

Reset ink absorber

  • The ink safeguard is intended to evacuate squander ink in the printer. An ink safeguard can in some cases cause a printer mistake.
  • Thus, we simply need to fix the ink safeguard. While squeezing the force button, you have to press and hold the force catch to connect the force string to reset the safeguard.
  • Rather, when the printer is turned on, click the force button, hold up 5 seconds and press the force button once more.

Slow Printer

A slow going for walks printer is one of the most common printer problems. This regularly happens while the gear is set to print high output. A straightforward way to fire up your printer’s general execution is to reduce the print decently or exchange the setting to draft mode. Doing this won’t simply improve your printer’s pace anyway additionally help you to save money on ink or toner.


We wish that through this article you get to know more about the workforce WF 3640. It is a nice printer with good features. Some of the errors came in between to stop your work. In the above article, there are some of the reasons which help you to know more about it. Some of the troubleshooting steps which help to rectify this workforce WF 3640, not printing.

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