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Norton Antivirus was developed by Symantec Corporation in the year 1991. Norton antivirus is an Anti-Malware software product that detects viruses in your device and quarantines it, before the virus can do any harm to your PC. Norton offers a wide range of security products including Security for Mobile devices, and other useful features like Password Manager. IN recent updates by Norton antivirus, users are facing an issue windows 10 won’t boot after Norton update, read more to know the insights.

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While many other antivirus programs are known to decreases the system performance while a scan is running, Norton does not significantly impact the computer performance.

Why windows 10 won’t boot after Norton update

To know about Norton and their products, please visit the official website of Norton

Norton Antivirus has worked flawlessly with the previous versions of windows such as Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 8. Norton antivirus is also perfectly compatible with windows 10, and works like a charm, without negatively impacting the system performance. Norton ensures that the customers are fully protected, irrespective of the Operating System they are using. The latest versions of Norton Antivirus come with enhanced features and security protocols to defend your PC against the newest emerging threats and trojans. But for Norton antivirus to be efficient against the latest emerging dangerous virus, spyware, malware and trojans, you have to make sure that Norton is always updated to the latest version. To check if the installed Norton antivirus on your PC is the latest version, please visit here

Does your Windows 10 won’t boot after Norton update issue?

If you are facing some issues regarding windows 10 won’t boot after Norton update, there are some steps you might take to recover your windows. It is always best to have a System Restore set before installing any antivirus, so that the windows stays operational and not malfunction.

Steps to resolve the issue windows 10 won’t boot after Norton update

Below are a few steps you can try to troubleshoot the problem and fix your PC.

Boot the windows in safe mode:

If windows fails to boot in normal mode, then booting the Windows 10 in Safe Mood might help.

To boot your device in safe mode, find an instruction that is similar to “Press F2 for advanced system startup”. You can find this when you switch on the PC and shows a very brief screen of system manufacturer. The actual instruction may vary, because it completely depends on the manufacturer. When you find that option, and press the relevant button to enter advanced start-up options, look for Boot windows in Safe Mode. Now, the Windows 10 should be booted. And you can uninstall the particular update that caused this problem, so that your PC will boot up normally. Alternatively, you can ask for support expert help in the official website of Norton www.norton.com

Norton removal and re install tool:

You can use the Norton removal and re install tool provided by Norton to disable the updated that have been installed, or to remove Norton completely, and re install it again.

Norton Power Eraser:

You can also use Norton Power eraser that is provided by Norton that may help to recover your system. Norton Power Eraser performs a root kit scan and usually requires the user to restart the system. Wait for the scan to complete, and restart the computer.

If none of this works, please chat with Norton Support experts and register your complaint so that they may help you with further guidance.

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