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Redirection issue:

Printers that use the port that does not begin use COM, LPT, or USB are not redirected in a remote desktop or a terminal services session. In case you are using the remote desktop connection to connect to another window based device, your local printer is not redirected. As a result, your local printers are not available in the remote device. Hence, they are not redirected.

The print device may not be redirected in a remote desktop to windows server based computer if window based device is using a multifunction print device using DOT port.


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Remote desktop printing depends highly on WAN connections, particularly in the distributed environment, that makes WAN point of failure.  It’s not only WAN that causes issues in remote sessions. Remote desktop printing involves printer redirection issues as well. Remote desktop printing depends heavily on WAN connections. Many other benefits of Remote desktop printing involves leaner infrastructure, more flexibility and centralized management.

How remote desktop printer redirection works

The server first receives the list of local printers that are installed on the remote client. Post which the server creates the print queue within the remote desktop. When the user clicks on print from a remote client desktop, the server is queried for accompanying printer drivers. Everything goes well the printer is then redirected.

In case Windows 10 HP printer redirection not working, follow below steps:

  • Ensure your local printer is enabled.

Under the local devices and resources section make sure the printer option is enabled.

  • Confirm server settings are correct.

Under server, manager click on remote desktop services, then on collections. Under tasks click on edit properties. Then go to the client setting. Windows printer option should be enabled/ selected for printer redirection.

  • Install the drivers on the server.

In many cases, due to non-installation of the driver on the server, the redirection does not work.


Issues that Windows 10 HP printer redirection not working:

  • A redirected printer is not showing up.

Even after installing the printer correctly, it remains invisible to a group of clients in the lists of available printers.

  • Vanishing print jobs.

Printer jobs mysteriously drop from the queue even after all the points of connection between client and printer seems to function properly.

  • Delayed printing.

Even though the printer is working properly, it takes a long time to print.

  • Crashes and errors.

Crashes and software errors may cause due to remote clients conflict being instructed to search for fall back to drivers that do not exist.

Another issue that occurs if you are redirecting printer in windows is when applicants handle print jobs effectively. One of the solutions to the redirecting issue is the printer logic. Print management software integrates seamlessly with all remote desktop and gives choice between printer redirection or session printers for greater flexibility. Many uses printer logic to eliminate print server altogether. Print logic is able to eliminate many of the variables that are responsible for remote desktop printer redirection not working by using a centrally managed IP printing paradigm.

Thus, follow these steps to fix Windows 10 HP printer redirection not working

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