Why Norton Secure VPN Not Working? Step by Step guide


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Norton Secure VPN is a virtual private network. It is used by many of the users as it is very helpful in hiding the history of surfing. People can browse and surf without having any stress for history. But sometimes it creates an issue. One of the issues is Norton Secure VPN not working.

Reasons behind the Norton secure VPN not working:

  • Bad internet connection
  • Out-dated application of Norton antivirus
  • Unable to install Norton Secure VPN settings
  • There would be a reason for firewall settings
  • Out-dated drivers of the devices
  • Windows need to be updated

After knowing some of the reasons, it would be easy to clear and solve this issue as soon as possible. It is somehow mandatory to use the updated version of Norton antivirus or any of the antiviruses. This will lead you to explore new features.

Well in this article you get to know more about the Norton secure VPN not working. Some of the steps that can help you in solving this issue. However, you can have the option to contact customer support to know more about the issue.

Some of the methods to solve this issue:

Check the Internet Connection

It is important to have a strong internet connection for the smooth functioning of the Norton Secure VPN. Before following any of the further steps choose the easy steps by checking your Wi-Fi connection. Maybe it stopped because of the wire’s improper connection or some server issues. We directly do not blame Norton for this.

  1. Restart the PC and modem or Wi-Fi whatever you are using.
  2. Try to put both the devices in the safe mode for the easy connection.
  3. Then run the operating system.
  4. Update your Wi-Fi router or modem for a better connection.
  5. Enter the new and strong password to your Wi-Fi.

Windows Updates

Another way to resolve the Norton secure VPN not working is windows updates. This will help you to clear the unnecessary files from your device. To update the windows you need to follow certain steps:

  1. Go to the start icon and search for the windows updates.
  2. When the option is available, click on the windows updates option. That option will only show the current updates available then.
  3. Click on update windows.
  4. After the updates are done, you need to restart the PC. This will help the device to grasp a certainly changed setting in it.


We wish that through this article you get to know Norton secure VPN, not working issues is quite disturbing. It is important to clear this issue as you need to secure your browsing. After changing any settings in the device, it is important to restart the PC. This will helps in the proper functioning of the antivirus.

Make sure to clear cookies and cache so that your browsing history will be cleared. Thus, we wish that the article is quite helpful for you to make changes to your device.

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