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AOL mails services are highly enjoyed by the users and it has been trustworthy among the users. People are mainly shifted their focus on AOL mails for its new features and the user-friendly features. Like many other mail services, it does not give you 100% reliability. It also has some issues which can be solved. Those issues can disturb the mind and frustrates the users. So it is better to clear off that error. One of the main issues is why AOL is so slow?

This issue of slowing down your AOL mails irritates the users as they are no able to send files and try to wait for sometimes. The users are not supposed to work on that slow AOL mail services so they decided to shift from that mail to another. So before anything happens, there are some of the important points which users can follow to eradicate this issue and try to solve this as soon as possible. Some of the ways which you can follow are as follows:

Slow AOL mail services:

  • Browsing history: When the user uses the AOL account in the browser this happens. In between that, the user browses and it leads to the unwanted cache and cookies which just causes harm to your PC. You need to clear the browsing history and cache and try to clear your browsing history once in a while. It helps the processor works smoothly. Cache and cookies collapse your PC and freeze your data which led to the issue of slowing down the AOL mails. So if the problem is solved after clearing the browsing history then it is good but if it is not solved then you need to shift from your browser.
  • Check antivirus protection: You need to keep an eye on the firewall antivirus as maybe it is the reason behind the slowing down of AOL. In case your antivirus is not working then your PC is full of viruses and malware. Which can freeze your data and it is difficult for your mail account to be accessible. You are not supposed to use the AOL as it starts working slowly because of the firewall security, so you need to check for that.
  • Poor internet connection: This is the main reason for the AOL slow functioning. The user needs to check that there is a good internet connection for the mail services to work. In case you are not properly connected to the internet then it would not be possible to work on the AOL mails. You cannot see the mails and not even reach your mail account. Not only AOL but other software too will not work if you are not connected to the strong internet connection.
  • Reload the page: In case your AOL is working slow, you just need to reload it. Sometimes the solution is easy but we made it look harder. So before anything just try to reload the page and see whether it is working normally. Sometimes there is no issue from your side but the AOL server must be down, which is the reason behind the AOL slow working.
  • Updated browser: It is important to have the updated browser so that there should not be any error in AOL. An outdated version welcomes various other issues so before that you need to update the browser.


So there are some of the easy tricks which the user can consider if they are facing the issue of slow AOL mails. If we are using any of the software then there must be some of the issues too. We need to clear and rectify those issues. If the users can solve it on its own then it is good. But in case of users stuck in between the whole procedure and frustrating because of the slowing down the AOL mails then there is a team of highly qualified professionals. This helps the users to tackle this kind of issue as soon as possible and give the best services for 24*7.

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