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McAfee is nothing but an anti-virus software that protects our mobile devices from corrupt files and folders which keep trying to invade our computer. Whenever we are using a computer or any such devices it is advised that you use anti-virus software that will provide security to your computer. Whenever you are accessing the internet and browsing through the webpage for various purposes, it becomes inevitable for you to install reputed anti-virus software. This is because of the fact that whenever you are using the net, many random files get access to your computer. Also, unknowingly you may open an URL which contains harmful material. As a result, your original files and important data get corrupted.


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Sometimes your bank account details and passwords get stolen by hackers who can extract money from your bank accounts. There are certain anti-viruses which block your own files and demand money from you in return. It is the act of another malicious file called ransomware. It is also possible that you end up downloading a file which is actually a virus. All these complications can be avoided by using a good anti-virus and McAfee has been successfully serving this purpose for several years now.

Disadvantage of anti-virus

Anti-virus software, however, has certain disadvantages as well.

  • It occupies a large space on our computer and makes our computer become slower.
  • It requires a regular upgrade for its proper functioning.
  • There are many anti-viruses which have the ability to penetrate our device in the presence of an anti-virus.
  • Also, many other types of software fail to perform properly in the presence of anti-virus software.

All these disadvantages of an anti-virus compel the users to uninstall even though it is not safe to use a computer without anti-virus.


How to uninstall McAfee?

There are several ways to uninstall McAfee anti-virus on various platforms like Mac, Android, Windows, and Linux. The uninstalling process can be performed without any hindrance using our login credentials which you have got which purchasing your anti-virus software. However, it becomes difficult uninstalling your anti-virus software if you have somehow forgotten your log-in details or you don’t have a password. This happens when you install the anti-virus for free from the internet. The uninstalling process becomes much more difficult under such circumstances.

How to uninstall McAfee without password?

  • Uninstalling McAfee on Android Devices:

    1. Click on Settings on your Android Device.
    2. Go to Applications.
    3. Select Application-Manager
    4. Select McAfee Mobile Security
    5. Go to Options
    6. Click on Uninstall

This is how you can uninstall McAfee without password on your Android Devices 

  • Uninstalling McAfee on Windows:

This can be done using the McAfee Consumer Product Removal tool (MCPR).

The steps to uninstall McAfee without password using the McAfee Consumer Product Removal tool (MCPR) are as follows:

  • Download the MCPR tool using the internet. This tool is easily available on the net for free.
  • Double –click on the .exe file which will be downloaded.
  • The McAfee Removal screen will appear. At the McAfee Software Removal screen, click Next.
  • Click Agree to accept the End User License Agreement (EULA).
    After completion of these steps, the Security Validation screen will appear where you will have to give the security code.
  • Click Next.

When the installation process is complete, the message “REMOVAL COMPLETE” gets displayed on your computer screen.

Thus follow these steps to uninstall McAfee without password

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