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Mail service is important nowadays to receive and send messages in a different format and PDF etc. AOL mails help the users to involve the various features to be enjoyed. Features like good storage which is highly enjoyable by the users. Sometimes there is an issue that bothers the users. An issue like unable to receive and send AOL mails.

Reasons behind not able to receive AOL mails:

  • Sometimes the file format may not be supported. You can alter your spam settings in various manners, you can likewise permit email from various senders or confine your senders, it would be ideal if you switch off the mail setting choice from the AOL mail.
  • Incorrect web setting. You need to change the web setting so that it involves more people to send mails. It may ask you to click on “people you may know” you need to change that.
  • Antivirus issues which did not allow mails to b received. You need to clear the cache and cookies and antivirus needs to do it work properly so that there might not be any viruses detected as it may lead to not receive any mails.
  • AOL spam mail filters issues which didn’t allow the sender to send mails. You need to correct the issues by going to the spam folder and they allow AOL mails that this mails sender is important. After that, you can use the AOL mails normally.

Reasons behind not able to send AOL mails:

  1. The file size may be too large: Sometime sit happen when the user attached large files in the mails and it is not possible for the AOL to send that many large files. You need to compress the size of the file or you can send the single files respectively.
  2. The recipients do not exist:  Sometimes the spelling is wrong or the recipients do not exist. You need to fill the correct recipients as AOL needs to send the files. If there are no recipients found then the files will not be sent and mail is drafted in the draft section. This is one of the reasons for not able to send AOL mails.
  3. Your AOL account is blocked: If the receiver blocked your account then you are not able to send any mails to that recipient. So just make sure you need to check whether your account is blocked or not.

Technical Error Issue in AOL:

When the issues of unable to send and receive the mails appear because of some technical error then you need to do some ways:

  1. Restart the computer: If your AOL mail is not fully connected with the internet then it may not work then you need to restart the computer so that it can connect with the internet quickly. In most of the cases, restarting the device helps to clear the issues and then you are good to use AOL mails.
  2. Choose different browsers: It is important to always have an updated version of AOL mails. If the user is using the AOL application then it will be updated and if it is used in any of the browsers then the user needs to use the updated browser so that there would not be any issues.
  3. Clear browsing history and cache: It is important to clear the browsing history while browsing the users reach the unprotected websites which bring viruses issues, so you need to clear that cache and history for the smooth functioning of your PC. You need to clear the cookies and cache to protect your data and your devices.
  4. Check the display name: It is somehow important to check whether the account is hacked or corrupt. If you can find out the hacked account then you can contact the AOL customer support to solve your issues and it can be solved as soon as possible.


Through this article, we wish the users get to know more about the issues and some of the troubleshooting ways by which they can protect their mail account and some of the reasons why the users won’t able to send and receive any AOL mails. It may be distracted but you need to solve it as soon as possible. As you know that AOL never compromised with the user’s needs for the mails services and they have the highly qualified team for any technical or any other issues which can be solved and the ream is available 24*7 for the services.

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