Outlook 2013 crashing on startup issue

[Solved] Outlook 2013 crashing on startup issue?


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Outlook 2013 is Microsoft’s hand at creating a feature rich email experience for users, especially businesses who need multitasking software for many different purposes.  However, if you are someone who likes old school programs who is not big on updates and is facing issues like Outlook 2013 crashing on startup, then you are at the right place to get answers for fixing this error.

Why does Outlook 2013 crashing on startup issue occur?

Outlook 2013 crashing on startup

If a user is trying to open up the program to check for mails and it refuses to open, then that is a clear indication of Outlook 2013 crashing on startup. Below are a couple of reasons why users have to face this issue:

  • Your system or program could have been corrupted by a virus or malware attack.
  • An issue in the installation of your outlook program could be the cause.
  • Damaged files causing the crash.
  • Any plug-ins or add-ons from a third party can also corrupt the program, preventing it start up.

How to fix Outlook 2013 crashing on startup issue?

Look for any updates

More often than not, when users fail to update their program it results in start-up issues.


  • Open the application and open its menu.
  • You will have to look for any new updates on the tab.
  • If you have indeed missed an update, click on it and follow the displayed instructions appropriately.
  • An update will fix any bugs or corrupted files which may have caused your program to crash.

Repairing Office

Upon getting a Windows computer system, users generally get Office Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook all in a single package. So when your Outlook 2013 crashing on startup, you should also check Office for any issues.

  • Visit the Control Panel.
  • Go to the option that helps in uninstalling programs.
  • There you should find a list of programs, choose Microsoft Office.
  • Click on Repair from the change option and then continue after the process is complete.
  • Reboot your system once you are done to confirm the changes and then try to open outlook once again.


Reset the configuration

Oftentimes all your program needs, in order to work properly is a reset.

  • Open the start menu via the taskbar.
  • Look for Outlook-first run on the list and double tap it.
  • This action will lead your program directly to its first run status, i.e. get reset in layman’s terms and your Outlook 2013 crashing on startup should be solved.

Removing any harmful add ins

Our systems have several third party apps and software, which can attach harmful plug-ins to your program. They make your system slow and ultimately lead to crashes, the only way to resolve this would be to find out the problematic one and weed it out:

  • Open your PC in safe mode, and open Outlook 2013.
  • From the file menu, find add ins and click on it.
  • Disable them individually and then restart the program each time, when you remove the problematic add in, the program will stop crashing and you will have identified the black sheep.

disable ad ins

One of the above listed solutions should fix the problem of your Outlook 2013 crashing on startup, but if they don’t you should not hesitate to call up the customer service to avail any kind of technical help.

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