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7 Easy Solutions for the Outlook Working Offline Issue


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Solution for the Issue: Outlook Working Offline

Any letter that has been sent by using electronic technology or to be specific, the internet is an E-mail. In this new era of technological advancement, all official and unofficial letters have been almost replaced by E-mail because of their speed and efficiency. Microsoft, the pioneer of Computer systems added Outlook in their product package, to be an efficient software for communicating through emails. In this blog, we are providing you the solutions for the problem i.e. Outlook working offline.

outlook working offline


Outlook has an amazing feature due to which, it can work even when the internet is not connected to the device. Your E-mails will be stored on your device. You can even write a mail without an internet connection through this feature. But sometimes this feature may turn into a problem i.e. Outlook working offline because getting back on the online mode may seem impossible.

The Solution

The solution is dependent on what is causing the problem. So, it is relevant to try all the possibilities to get the outlook working offline problem solved.

Solution no.1: Check internet connection

Outlook working offline

If the application is not working online, then the reason for this might be a poor internet connection. It can be checked by loading any other application that works on the internet. For example, try loading a video over YouTube’s Official Website through your browser. If the video is taking an unusual time to load, then this means that your internet is not working. Try using Outlook with a better connection and see if it works.

Solution no.2: Check the mode

  • Start the Outlook application on your device.
  • Select ‘Send/Receive’
  • If the icon in the top-right corner displays ‘Work Offline’ status, Select the icon and change the mode to ‘Online

Solution no.3: Update the Application

oulook working offline

  • Again, start the Outlook Application
  • Select ‘File’
  • Select ‘Office Account’
  • Select ‘Office Updates’
  • Select ‘Update Now’

Solution no.4: Sign-Out from your account

  • Start the application on your device
  • Select ‘File’
  • Select ‘Office Account’
  • Select ‘Sign out’
  • Select ‘Yes’
  • Close the Application
  • Again, start the application
  • Complete the ‘Sign-in’ process. You can also do so by going to the ‘Office Account’ through the previous steps.

Solution no.6: Disconnect the Account

  • Close the Outlook Application
  • Select the ‘Start’ Icon
  • Select the ‘Settings’ Icon
  • Select ‘Accounts’
  • Select ‘Access work or school’
  • Select your Account
  • Select ‘Disconnect’
  • Select ‘Yes’
  • Select ‘Connect’
  • Add the details asked to set up the account again
  • Open Outlook and check whether the online mode is working

Solution no.7: Create a new profile

  • Close the Outlook Application
  • In the search bar, type: control panel
  • Open the application appeared in the results
  • Search for ‘Mail’ in the search bar
  • Select ‘Mail (Microsoft Outlook 2016)’
  • Select ‘Show Profiles’
  • Select ‘Add’
  • Type a new name for the profile
  • Select ‘Ok’
  • Add the details that are asked for
  • Select ‘Next’
  • Select ‘Finish’
  • Select the ‘Always Use this Profile’ option
  • Select the drop-down box below it
  • Select your new profile
  • Select ‘Apply’
  • Select ‘OK’

I hope that by trying these solutions, your outlook working offline problem has been solved, and the online mode is working properly. If in any case, their issue still appears, try running a repair. It can be done by going into the control panel and selecting the ‘Uninstall a Program option. Here, Right-click on the Office Application and select ‘Change’. Finally, select ‘Repair’. Also, deleting your data files may help. If all these solutions haven’t helped you, contact Microsoft Helpline and tell them regarding the issue of outlook working offline.

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