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Microsoft Office 2016 setup failed in windows 10 [Fixed]


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Microsoft office is one of the prominent application which is used on every other windows and the Mac computers due to its emerging features it is user-friendly which provides great help to its users. But ever since Microsoft Office 2016 was brought into use the users start facing various problems especially when they try to set it up and generally a message was shown to them stating Microsoft Plus 2016 encountered an error during setup.

Due to this error the users may not access the application properly.

Why Microsoft Office 2016 setup failed in Windows 10?

The reason behind the setup error could be the configuration error which is between 64 bit system and 32 bit application probably.

setup error of microsoft office 2016

How to resolve the Setup error failure in Microsoft Office 2016?

Here are some ways by which you can resolve this problem :

With the help of task scheduler

  • Go to the taskbar search in windows 10
  • Then tap on task scheduler so that it can open
  • Then again type on task scheduler library in order to expand it.
  • Now double-click on Microsoft and then select to delete it.

After days, it will start working but if it does not work try this again and after sometime it will work smoothly.

task scheduler


With the help of windows store troubleshooter

This is the easiest solution which an individual can do for this.

  • Tap on the start button and then go to the settings section.
  • Now go to the option of updates and security and then open troubleshoot
  • There you will find the windows app troubleshooter and then click on run it.

Once you are done close the computer and open it again to apply all the definite changes into it.

windows store troubleshoot

By updating windows

If your windows system is not updated your Microsoft Office 2016 may face difficulty to work properly as it is not compatible to the windows system and it’s files cannot work As the required software or applications are not there which may help the Microsoft Office 2016 to work in a smooth manner. So you must definitely update your Microsoft system before looking towards the other ways. If your Microsoft Office 2000 does not start work even after updating it go for the other ways which will definitely help you.

updating windows

Disabling the antivirus software

Antivirus software are one of the most requires of personal computer which protect the data from viruses but sometimes these can create problem in the installation and setup of Microsoft Office 2016 ask the prohibit some activities or the functioning of some software and the files due to which the Microsoft Office 2007 may not install properly showing this error message.

disable antivirus to resolve Setup error of Microsoft Office 2016

Changing the name of Microsoft Help folder

Before reinstallation you must definitely change the name of Microsoft help that it can stop creating problem an interfering in the process of new installation.

By performing the above ways this error could easily be removed but if you still face any problem you can look towards the help center of Microsoft experts over there will help you in this problem.

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