setup error of microsoft office

How to fix setup error of Microsoft Office 2013 in Windows 10


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Microsoft Office 2013 generally shows the setup error when there is lack of sufficient space as well as equipment of files that are needed are not up to the mark, the office edition which is there on the computer is outdated and is not compatible with the current Microsoft Office 2013 applications and software which are loaded on the computer are pirated or corrupted, anti viruses which are stopping the programs from working etc.

This error generally pops of the notification where it tells that Microsoft Office 2013 is unable to set up.

Setup error of Microsoft Office 2013


How to resolve the setup error of Microsoft Office 2013?

Here are some ways by which you can solve this problem :

Method 1 :

An important points to keep in mind before installing office 13 that you must make sure that all the system requirements are there so that proper installation can take place without any problem and you should also uninstall or disable the antivirus program that is running in your computer to make sure that antivirus restrictions does not create any problem any of the files which can cause changes into your computer.

Otherwise, you may face problem in installation of Microsoft Office 2013

disable antivirus

Method 2 :

Before installing Microsoft Office 2013 it is important to uninstall the old version which is already running on your computer because if one version is already working the other one would not be able to work properly. If you will uninstall the old version the new version will automatically replace its place and working so that the error can be avoided while the process of installation is done.

uninstall older version of MS Office

Method 3 :

Even after doing the above steps you are facing the problem then you should enable the services of task scheduler and by doing this you problem will get fixed. For this :

  • go to the start button open the control panel and then tap on system and maintenance.
  • once it opens then click on administrative tools then tap on task scheduler and choose start.
  • Now confirm all the changes and reboot your computer if it is needed so that all the changes can be applied properly without any loss of data.

enable task scheduler to resolve the setup error of Microsot office 2013

Method 4 :

It is compulsory to see that all the applications which are working on your computer are updated. If any software is not downloaded properly or is not updated then you must go to the Windows update service to do so.


By performing all the above steps and taking care of all the important points mentioned above the problem can be resolved easily but if you’re still faced any problem then reached to the help center of Microsoft office and email them your problem where they will come up with the easiest solutions which can be applied so that you can easily set up your Microsoft Office 2013 and can start your work on it. Here experts are available round the clock and would love to help all their users as their experts are highly professional and specialize in the particular fields as well as have immediate solution to the customers’ problem.

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