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How to setup archive in outlook?


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If you are someone who is subjected to receiving a lot of emails concerning work and other stuff, then we understand the dread of cleaning up your inbox. It is a time consuming task, but what if we could tell you of a way that can clean up your inbox without having to delete your mails. If you are a Microsoft user, then you can learn how to setup archive in outlook and never have to worry about email cleaning.

About Outlook

As a part of their office suite, Microsoft launched their very own information managing software which allows users access to several different services.

Even though they are primarily a software for sending email, they also have a wide array of other features as well.




When you archive something, it removes the message from the inbox area but still remains there in your cloud so you can access it again anytime. There are several benefits after you setup archive in outlook, such as:

  • It will remove all the mails from your server thus making space for the more recent emails.
  • Archiving makes your inbox look cleaner, thus making it easy to find the important things.
  • This process can also be done manually, which is convenient if you want to control where to store them.

Steps to setup archive in outlook

You can choose to do it either manually or set up an automatic function. For first time users, we have compiled a list of comprehensive steps that you can follow to smoothly setup archive in outlook:

Manual setup

  • Open up your email and go to the Files option.
  • You can find the clean-up tools from there and open the drop down menu.
  • The menu will display the archive option; from there you can choose the files and folders according to your likeness.
  • Users also have the option to manually enter a date and choose the files prior to that.
  • On the lower side of the window that pops up, you will see an option that asks if you would want to include items with do not archive.
  • Tick that box in order to choose any singular items that you would like to exclude from the automatic archiving.
  • Proceed further and hit ok.
  • You will have to wait a moment until all your files are being archived.
  • After the process is complete, you can also go ahead and check once by visiting the archive section.
  • Click on the folder and take a look if all your chosen emails have been assembled under it.
  • Lastly, you can press the arrow button and go back to your inbox.

Manual setup to archive

Automatic archive

  • Visit the file option on the top of your email and open the advanced options.
  • Under the drop down menu you will find an auto archive option, visit its settings.
  • There you will be asked how often you would like to run the auto archive, choose the days as you’d wish and specify how often.
  • You can also look into options other than archiving, such as deleting the older emails etc.
  • Finally after clicking ok and saving changes, your setup archive in outlook will be completed.


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