setting up Yahoo mail in Outlook

Setting up Yahoo mail in Outlook | Complete guide

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Yahoo provides various email services to their users making them easy to handle. If you are an individual who looks after so many emails and faces difficulty while handling them then setting up Yahoo mail in Outlook will help you in managing all your emails for your personal as well as professional purposes.

setting up Yahoo mail in Outlook

Step for setting up Yahoo mail in Outlook


Setting up Yahoo mail in Outlook does not require more than few minutes it is just a small process.

  1. Open Outlook and then tap on the “file” option then again tab on “add account”.
  2. Now choose the” Manual setup or additional server types “and then click on the box.
  3. Select again from ” POP or IMAP” from the list of options that are given and then tap on “NEXT”.
  4. Fill in with your complete name and your Yahoo email.
  5. Choose your account type according to your desire from the server information.

add account for setting up Yahoo mail in Outlook

Using IMAP

Microsoft always goes for IMAP because it helps in storing the emails on the server as well as on your computer so that you can use them from your computer as well.


  1. Now type “” in your mail server box. This will be written in the incoming mailbox.
  2. Enter  “”  in the box which is the outgoing server box.
  3. Login into the information section by typing your complete Yahoo email account including the name and password and tap on “next”.
  4. Tap on settings which comes under the outgoing server tab and then choose the” My server requires additional authentication”
  5. Then tap on “advanced” and enter in “587” which works as outgoing mails port. It’s up to your choice as to whether to leave the incoming mail port as default selection or selecting the “SSL” for more encryption.
  6. See that the account setting is checked and tap on “next”.

setting up Yahoo mail in Outlook

With the help of this wizard, it will ensure that whether your account is functioning properly and will help you in knowing that whether any information that you have entered is appropriate or not.

By following all the above steps you can easily help yourself setting up Yahoo mail in Outlook which will perform various facilities in an easy way. You don’t need to handle both outlook and Yahoo to look towards your important email as they will be combined in one Outlook and no problem of losing the email will be there. So you must definitely combine Outlook and Yahoo together to handle all your emails especially if you are a professional and receives mail regarding different fields from so many people and it becomes quite messy to handle or to organize them all.

If you still face any problem in setting up Yahoo mail in Outlook then you must refer to the customer care section of outlook where they will provide you every essential information regarding your problem and you can easily combine your Yahoo account without any login issues and can access the easiest features and functions of Outlook.

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