How to resolve problems in HP Office jet Pro 8600 Printer?


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HP is one of the oldest companies providing world-class products and devices for both offices and households. The product range offered by it is brilliant and has a solid customer support system. It has launched a large number of printers; all for different picture quality and requirement. The HP Office jet pro 8600 is one of the most popular series of printers offered by the company. Despite the huge number of features offered, the users often come across some problems in HP Office jet Pro 8600 Printer.


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Problems in HP Office jet Pro 8600 Printer

  • One of the most common troubles is poor print quality.

The solution for Problems in HP Office jet Pro 8600 Printer.

HP Office jet Pro 8600 printer prints a blank page/ ink not printing/ distorted print. What should I do?

Step 1- Reset the printer hardware.

  • Disconnect the printer from the power source, and then reconnect it.
  • Disconnect the power cord from the rear of the printer.
  • Plug the power cord back into the wall outlet after 60 seconds.

Step 2- Use genuine HP ink cartridges.

  • It is always recommended to use genuine HP ink cartridges and toner supplies. It is possible that the ink itself is bad quality leading to bad quality prints.
  • Purchase the replacement cartridges and other supplies from the HP Store or local retailers.
  • Handle the ink cartridges with care because that can lead to distorted print as well.


Problems in HP Office jet Pro 8600 Printer


Step 3- Use automatic servicing. This generally fixes any internal issues.

Step 4- Check the paper in the printer.

  • Make sure you’re using the correct quality of paper for the print job. If not, reload the printer with an appropriate paper type.
  • Load the paper in the input tray correctly; print side down.
  • Use only clean, wrinkle-free paper into the product.

Step 5- Check the print settings on your computer.

Step 6- Check the print head and reset it if it isn’t aligned properly.

Step 7- Make sure the printer software is up to date.

  • The printer must be connected to an Ethernet or wireless network with an active Internet connection to receive updates.
  • Touch the ePrint icon in the Printer section of the Control Panel.
  • Manually update the software if it isn’t up to date.

Step 8- Check the estimated ink levels.

  • Use the printer control panel to check the estimated ink levels.
  • It is possible that the printer is running in the backup mode due to low ink levels so make sure that you take care of it when the printer displays the alert for low ink levels.
  • If you haven’t received any such notifications, check the ink levels in the control panel on your computer.
  • If any of the cartridges are low on ink, replace them with genuine HP ink cartridges.

Step 9- If none of the above steps work, print a Print Quality Diagnostics report.

  1. Load plain white paper into the input tray.
  2. On the printer control panel, go to “additional options”.
  3. Go to Setup, and then select reports.
  4. Select Print Quality Diagnostics Report and print it.


Thus follow the steps on how to fix problems in HP Office jet Pro 8600 Printer

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