printer is displaying a 50.4 error message

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A printer prints pictures, graphics, and texts on paper. It is connected to the computer and is used whenever we require a hard copy of any document present on our computer. We insert ink into the printer in the form of cartridges and the printhead sprays the ink on the paper, thus producing a printout.

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Types of printers:

Printers are of two types:

  • Impact printers.

These types of printers make direct contact with the paper by pressing a ribbon against the paper where we want our printout. Few examples of impact printers are:

  1. Dot-matrix printers: Here, the graphics, texts, and documents are printed in the form of dots. The printhead of these printers contains 9 to 24 pins. With the increase in the number of pins, the number of dots increases and print becomes all the more clear. They can print 100 to 600 characters per second.
  2. Daisy-wheel printers: These printers are named so because they resemble a daisy flower with characters on each petal. A drum is used to strike on these petals which strikes against a coloured ribbon to give the respective print. They produce better quality printouts than dot-matrix printers but are no longer used. They can print 25 to 50 characters per second.
  3. Line printers: These printers can print one line at a time thereby increasing the speed of printing. These printers can print 1,200 to 6,000 characters per second.
  • Non-impact Printers: These printers do not make any direct contact with the paper. Few examples are:  
  1. Inkjet printers: Inkjet printers also print characters on paper in the form of dots. However, these dots are formed by spraying ink on the paper with the help of a nozzle.
  2. Laser printers: These are the most advanced form of printers. These days we find laser printers everywhere. They produce a high-quality image by producing a laser beam. They are also very fast.

printer is displaying a 50.4 error message

ERROR 50.4:

While using a printer, we may experience many types of error. One such error is printer is displaying a 50.4 error message. Many users have complained that while printing, a dialogue box appears on their screen with the message saying “ERROR 50.4”. This error actually occurs when the user of the printer fails to perform properly. and we get “printer is displaying a 50.4 error message”

What is fuser?

A fuser is a component of the printer. It consists of two heated drums that are responsible for fusing the toner. If there is a problem with the fuser, the toner will no longer melt and the printer can no longer function properly.

How to resolve Printer is displaying a 50.4 error message?

The first way is to change the fuser. A fuser has a limited lifespan and over it is tends to get consumed. It is said that a standard fuser can be used to print up to 100000 pages but it can get damaged sooner depending on the printing condition and the quality of fuser being used. Thus we will have to change the printer many times while we are using the same printer.

The second way is to restart our printer. This can help us get rid why the printer is displaying a 50.4 error message for some time but eventually, it gets mandatory for us to replace our fuser.

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