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How to fix paper jam problem in canon ir3300?

Fixing a paper jam is like bandaging a small cut on the wrist, one small problem can evolve into a really big one. For example, lets say you get bit by a mosquito and a small cut appears from scratching; besides the really bad itch, you noticed a fever approaching plus a constant headache. Instead of addressing the problem you say to yourself “oh it’s just temporary it’ll leave soon”, then go about your week like nothing happened and more symptoms continue to build leaving the issue harder to treat than it already was. In this article, you will learn in deep about paper jam problem in canon ir3300 printer.

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Well it’s the same for a jammed printer; a frequently jammed printer can caused the rollers to get damaged. If you don’t know what rollers are, then Look it up! No but seriously, rollers are just used to reel in sheets from the input tray.

Identifying the cause : paper jam problem in canon ir3300: 

First thing first, we need to identify the problems that may cause a printer to get jammed (which is a lot) on the occasion that you don’t know anything about printers or lack in the researching department then it can become very frustrating for you.

Second thing (or maybe first thing and a half or maybe both)

  Soulutions for paper jam problem in canon ir3300 :

  1. Overfilling the papertray- this is without a doubt the most common problem people comes face to face with when having a jammed printer, the solution is to only fill the papertray with the appropriate or recommended amount of paper.
  2. Using different papers than normal- printers are made to take in certain type of papers with the same size and height, any slight change can be the cause of a paper jam, including ripped papers, completely torn off papers or papers that are stuck together, solution is to make sure you are using brand new papers that are right in size and not torn.
  3. Damaged rollers- i mentioned a little about this above. Excessive use of printing and frequently occurrences of paper jams can cause the rollers to get damaged. Not caring for the printers properly can also cause this. Rollers will eventually become unusable at some point in time like every electronic device that goes through a rough time when used.

These are the most common problems majority of the people face with jammed papers in printers.

Some additional problems are debris from frequently paper jams occurrences and paper that’s being chopped little by little. It will build overtime which may result in the passage that the sheets are supposed to come through being blocked. These are mostly caused by cheap paper that gets torn by the pressure of the rollers.

Most importantly, always handle your printers with care and giving it the proper diagnosis is the best way to go and should be done often if you want your canon ir3300 to llive a long and healthy life. That’s right; you should care for your printers as you would care for a disabled love one

Thus Follow these steps to resolve paper jam problem in canon ir3300

Comment below if you have any queries regarding paper jam problem in canon ir3300

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