How to fix Outlook stuck on trying to connect?

How to resolve Outlook stuck on trying to connect issue?


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Bad internet connection or an issue in your mail settings, either of these reasons (and many more) could be why you see a message saying outlook stuck on trying to connect. If you are an outlook user who is been facing this problem then it is worth a while to try solving it yourself first. Below is a detailed guide that will ensure that will make you capable enough to fix the issue in no time.

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Why does outlook stuck on trying to connect issue occurs?

outlook stuck on trying to connect

These are a few general reasons behind the connectivity troubles which stop users from getting into their mails:

  • For starters, the issue can simply be in your internet connection.
  • The anti-virus program of your PC or any other third party apps or add-ons might be blocking outlook.
  • It could also be because come of the files in your mail are in need of a repair.
  • The reason can also be because of some corruption in the profile of either your operating system or outlook itself, in which case you will need to create new ones.

How to troubleshoot this issue?

Here is a list curated with some easy ways in which you can fix the outlook stuck on trying to connect issue:

  • Before trying to troubleshoot, double check if the problem is persisting on a few different devices.
  • If there is an issue in your internet connection then try to reboot the router once and see if it bounces back. If that is not the case, then contact the internet service provider to check if the connectivity problem is on their end.
  • Try to restart the program and the device respectively.
  • If you are using a firewall or an anti-malware program from a third party try to disable it for a while and open the mail once again.
  • It can also be that the user’s profile has been corrupted due to a malware attack etc. – for this, consider making a new profile and check if the outlook stuck on trying to connect problem still exists. Alternatively this method can also be applied for creating a new windows profile as well.
  • Before using outlook, check if your operating system is compatible with it, if not update it.

update outlook

  • To check if any add-ons that might be causing this problem:
  1. Open the program while in safe mode.
  2. Go to the program icon while simultaneously pressing the control key.
  3. Hold the key and try opening outlook to be sure.
  • Lastly:
  1. Sign in to your device as admin and go to files.
  2. Visit the advanced options and click on it.
  3. You will be redirected towards the option for disabling the Graphics acceleration for the graphics.
  4. Try opening outlook once again after disabling.

disabling the Graphics acceleration for the graphics

Even after trying all the steps mentioned above, you are seeing the Outlook stuck on trying to connect message, then it could be the part of a bigger problem. In such a situation you can definitely try to contact the customer service by visiting the official website. They can hook you up with some technical help to get out of this problem.

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