outlook stuck on loading profile

Easy steps to Fix outlook stuck on loading profile


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Are you stuck on the loading profile of your Microsoft Outlook?

Is your outlook stuck on loading profile and wants to solve it as soon as possible? Well, there is no single guaranteed solution to the problem. You will have to try and try till you find that one perfect solution to the problem. We will list down all the solutions we think are possible to make your Outlook profile load again without getting stuck. Try them. Something or the other will definitely work for you.

outlook stuck on loading profile

Fix Outlook stuck on loading profile with different methods

Method 1: Restart

Yes, this is the first thing you can do for the outlook stuck on loading profile problem to be solved. While Restarting’ make sure that there is not Internet Connection connected to the Computer. Disable all such connections. If Outlook starts smoothly then there is no need to worry. Enable the Internet again and continue your work. If it doesn’t, let’s try some other methods to fix the outlook stuck on loading profile issue.

Method 2: Check Another application

The Problem sometimes may not be connected to your outlook. So, you have to check whether all the apps are running properly. This may help you to conclude with whom exactly the problem is. If others are loading smoothly, then you can conclude the problem is only with your outlook.

Method 3: Clean your Computer

By cleaning the Computer, what I mean is to clear the space by deleting all unnecessary files. Due to unnecessary junk available on your computer, your Outlook might not be able to function smoothly, and outlook stuck on loading profile. This also puts more burden on your computer. Thus, clean everything right from your Recycle Bin to your Hard drives.

Method 4: Run as an Administrator

This method is often highly recommended as it makes the application free from all the external control that can stop the application to run smoothly. And it is also easy. All you have to do is search for the application in the ’Type here to search’ near the ‘Start’ icon. From there, select the second option which is ‘Run as Administrator. This may also work to make the outlook load easily and fix the error of outlook stuck on loading profile.

outlook stuck on loading profile

Method 5:  Disable External Control

There might be many such applications in your computer that you have given control of your computer to keep your computer safe. This may be the reason your Outlook is not loading smoothly. Disable them for a while and again try to restart the Outlook.

Method 6: End Task

This method has also proved to be efficient in many cases. You can do this with the help of the Task Manager. All you have to do is, go to the Task Manager. There you’ll find all the applications which run under Microsoft Office. Select it and press End task. Do this on all other applications which are under Microsoft Office.

Method 7: Check Whether Your Data Files Are Corrupted

Outlook uses ‘OST’,’ PST’ or the ‘NST’ Data Files for its smooth functioning. With this information, you can understand why this problem is linked with the Data Files. While you can use features like ‘scanpst.xe’ to repair it. Particularly, in this case, I would recommend you to use the Software that you will find on the internet to solve this as these would provide you with a better solution for outlook stuck on loading profile

Method 8: Change your Outlook Presence Status.

Changing the Status may also help. And you can change in by just clicking on the ‘File’. There you will see different options. Avoid all other options and go to the “People” option. There you will find ‘Display online status next to name’. Just uncheck that option and load the outlook profile.

If all these options won’t work, you will have to try recreating a new profile. You can also Contact Microsoft Windows for help.

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