Outlook send folder missing

Complete Solutions for Outlook send folder missing error


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Solutions for outlook send folder missing.

Microsoft Outlook is one of the renowned names when it comes to software that helps us carry operations with E-mail. Sending and Receiving Emails is its main task. While it also provides us with other features due to which most people use it.  But there are also many complaints about it as people usually face a lot of problems with it. If have tried to provide some of the solutions I think will if your Outlook Send Folder missing. Read them. And try them on your computer.

Outlook send folder missing

Problems and Solutions when Outlook send folder missing

Problem: I sent a mail and wanted to check it again. But I couldn’t find my send folder.

  • Solution 1: This solution is for those who don’t know where the sent folder is.

Well, If you are new to Outlook and you can’t find your send folder our your Outlook send folder missing. Here’s a quick way to find it out. So, on the upper corner, right beside the ‘File’ you will see a ‘Home’ option. Click on it and you see a lot of options open up. There look for ‘Sent Items. Congrats, If you found it. If not, Check the next solution

  • Solution 2: This is the only solution that I found, is actually be a reason why you aren’t seeing your send box You may have opened up Microsoft Outlook for searching the send folder.
  • So, there Select ‘File’
  • Look for ‘Options’ and click on it.
  • Look for ‘mail’ and click on it
  • There under ‘save messages’ check ‘save copies of message on the sent folder items.
  • And it’s done. You just have to press “ok”

Outlook send folder missing

  • Solution 3: If the upper solution doesn’t work this means there is an issue in your Outlook Itself.

Open the Sent Messages in your Web Browser. If you urgently want to check your sent messages. You can try opening outlook on your browser. It is very easy to do it. You just have to search ‘Outlook’ on your browser and select the genuine website. Mostly, it will be the first option. Select the three horizontal line icons beside the ‘new message’ box. Check on that icon. It will open various options. There you will find the ‘sent items’ option. Click on it and now you will be able to see the sent items.

Contact Microsoft Helpline

It’s the responsibility of Microsoft if to solve the errors occurring on their software. You will easily find a helpline number by searching in on google. The number will change according to the area you live in. Make sure you contact the right one. Also make sure the number is official, because there may be a chance of any fraud. Stay Safe.

Use Software that can fix Outlook send folder missing error

Over the internet, you can find Software that will help you to fix problems in the outlook. You can research them and chose the best one. Microsoft also provides you with tools like ‘troubleshooter’ and ‘scanpst.xe’. You can find ‘Troubleshooter’ in the ‘Update and Security option in your settings. You can search ‘scanspt.xe’ directly from the search column.

  • Solution 4: Rather than a solution. It is a checklist of things you need to do if any error occurs
  • Turn on and off your Internet Connection
  • Try Restarting Your Computer
  • Delete the caches and clean your drive
  • Try turning off your Antivirus
  • Update Regularly

This may also help sometimes as there might be some issue with your computer due to the workload. Personally, I think the second solution should work in most cases. While others are also worth it to try once. I hope you have found a solution here.

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