How do I fix outlook not sending emails? (Fix with Solution)


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MS Outlook is known for the best email administrator. Not just for sending and receiving mails but helps in sharing images too. There are many issues that you can face in Outlook. One of the issues is not sending emails in Outlook. Well in this article you get to know the main causes behind the outlook not sending emails. It is very important to rectify this error. So this article will help you to solve these issues in the easiest way possible.

Some of the reason behind not sending emails in Outlook:

  1. Maybe the sender enters the wrong mail address. You won’t send the mails if the receivers are entering the wrong mail address.
  2. The out-dated version of outlook leads you to face this issue.
  3. Some of the viruses or malware could affect the windows and lead you to face this issue.
  4. A low internet connection may lead you to suffer this issue.

outlook not sending emails

After knowing some of the causes, it is important to solve this issue as soon as possible. Well in this article, you get to know some of the troubleshooting steps to rectify this issue.

Some of the troubleshooting steps :

Change internet settings

It is important to have a strong internet connection to send or receive any emails. In case, your Wi-Fi router shows a slow network, then it is important to change the settings for better functioning.

  1. Restart the PC and modem or Wi-Fi whatever you are using.
  2. Try to put both the devices in the safe mode for the easy connection.
  3. Then run the operating system.
  4. Update your Wi-Fi router or modem for a better connection.
  5. Enter the new and strong password to your Wi-Fi.

Clear cookies and cache

It is the small files that is been downloaded on your computer without your knowledge. Cookies and cache stop the functioning of your device and slow down the speed. It is important to remove the cookies and cache from your computer for the better functioning of your applications too.

An updated version of Outlook

It is always preferable to use the updated version of Outlook on your computer. In case, you are using the out-dated version then you can face issues more of that. Using the updated version of Outlook may explore some of the new features which are good to be used.


We wish that through this article you get to know some of the causes and the troubleshooting ways to solve this outlook not sending email issues. It is always advisable to restart the device after making any changes. One of the main causes is the sender’s send to the wrong recipients. You need to enter the correct name to send emails. After making any changes in the settings, it is important to restart the device to adapt the settings properly.

After following those steps to solve the issues. If you haven’t resolved it then try to make the new account. We wish that the article is quite understandable to you.

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