Outlook error code 21999


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The Outlook is an email program from Microsoft that grants customers around the world to safely exchange messages and some other kind of near and dear information. This organization is used as a letter drop just as a timetable or diary. Each Outlook customer can make notes and fix them on dates or inevitable events. while handling outlook. There could be many errors that come in your way one of the many errors is Outlook error code 21999.

Outlook error code 21999 results in you are unable to send and receive messages which led to too much of an issue.

Some of the reasons behind outlook error code 21999:

  1. Terrible synchronization
  2. Antivirus applications
  3. Unpleasant files
  4. Outlook information record error
  5. Big attachments in the messages
  6. Different error attacks

Below are some of the points which help you to solve this error:

METHOD 1: Antivirus Solution

More often than not it results happen when there is any antivirus is introduced on your gadget. An antivirus programming regularly uncovers themselves as include the viewpoint and henceforth can impair through Outlook. The most ideal approach to investigate viewpoint send and receive error is to discover any antivirus programming working in your framework and uninstall or cripple it. And try to install it for better functioning.

METHOD 2: Remove unwanted mails

Undesirable messages obstruct your way of sending messages and accepting new messages in Outlook. Check with your inbox, spam, waste, and advancements classes and erase all the undesirable and dubious messages. A common solution for not facing error is to deletes unwanted mails.

METHOD 3:  Reset the internet settings

The connection must be strong. Put the system gadgets ON in your framework on the off chance that they aren’t. We know that the web is important for sending and receiving messages. It is important to have a strong internet connection.


We wish that through this article you get to know more about the outlook error code 21999 and why you were not able to send and receive messages because of this error. There could be many solutions to eradicate this.

You must have a strong connection and try to connect the wires properly and see through the antivirus as it helps you to delete the viruses which could be affected your documents. We wish that this article helps you to understand about this outlook error.

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