Outlook email stuck in outbox

How to fix Outlook email stuck in outbox in easy steps


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As we get into the college and office lives, we have to get to know some get application that helps us build up our professional life’s which is automatically also helping us to have knowledge about the technical working of an application. Today we are going to talk about Outlook and its one error of Outlook email stuck in outbox as we all know Outlook is very much utilized by all, but we all know also that Outlook can be a bit confusing for some people as it’s working is sometimes not understandable by all.

Outlook email stuck in outbox

But we always try to make your life easy so today, we are going to address another issue related to the outlook that most people find difficult which is: Outlook email Stuck in Outbox.

What happens in this situation is that due to some issue in your Outlook the email is not sent or are been not able to get out of the outbox or get stuck their themselves. There can be a number of reasons behind it and we are going to discuss them one by one for proper understanding.

How to fix Outlook email stuck in Outbox:

  • Well, as we don’t know how this situation was raised so we are going to start with baby steps. First of all, we need to try to send the email again and for that, we need to go to the files and choose the send/receive feature and then from there you can send all and after that when the dialog box will appear then you can easily tally the results if the mails are still not sent then keep reading.

Outlook email Stuck in Outbox

Check if it is connected to the network:

  • Outlook mainly functions on the network and if there is some kind of interference so all you need to do is look at the status bar and then see if the network is connected or not.
  • After this, if the connectivity is not stable then it will explain that why is your Outlook email stuck in outbox and your problem will be solved but if that does not case then keep on reading.

Take a look at the settings of the mail:

  • Sometimes we by mistake have selected the option that the mails should be sent in after some time rather than immediately, so it is recommended to check if there is no such setting on for delaying the mails on purpose. If there is disable it.

Outlook email Stuck in Outbox.

Large attachment creating the problem?

  • If you have sent a large attachment file that contains many things then there can sometimes be a delay in sending that particular mail and apart from that, it may also stop other mails to go out because one action is pending and Outlook email stuck in Outbox.
  • This can happen due to a slow network connection and due to this, the file may be sent in the outbox. It may take some time to send whenever it will get enough internet speed then the mails will automatically send to the recipients.

 Make sure that you are using the correct password:

  • According to some technical settings when you change your password from google then sometimes it may be necessary that Outlook may have missed out that the settings are changed or it is necessary to make sure that Outlook knows that the password is been changed.
  • For rectifying this you need to go to the account setting and then when you will reach the login information you will be able to see the password and from there you can add the new one.

If after this also your problems are not clear and still Outlook email Stuck in Outbox then you need to go through a manual check of the Outlook.

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