Outlook Data file cannot be accessed

Easy steps to Solved Outlook data file cannot be accessed


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One of the best applications provided by Microsoft is Outlook in order to enhance your mailing experience, in short words to make it easier. Outlook data file cannot be accessed is a problem when you are not able to open the previously saved files. This problem is face by users and this has a solution

Outlook data file cannot be accessed

Reasons why Outlook data file cannot be accessed error occurs:

  • The profile is corrupted: if the profile is corrupted then create a new one. You have to click on show profiles under the mail setup of your control panel. The new one can be saved with a new label. Enter all details and tick the checkbox of ‘always use this profile and delete the old one.
  • Internet or network problem: your network connection might be hampered.
  • Shared mailbox: multiple people are trying to open the same mailbox.
  • Permissions not granted or incorrect permissions granted.
  • Firewall settings: Make sure that Microsoft outlook is allowed the access in firewall option of the control panel.

Below are some solutions when Outlook data file cannot be accessed.

Outlook data file cannot be accessed


Open outlook in your system. You will see files on the top and under the info section you have to choose accounts settings twice. Further, there will be a window opening so below the data files, select add. This will enable you to save your file to your preferred destination with a new label.

Outlook data file cannot be accessed


Permissions either are not allowed or wrong ones are allowed. This needs to be corrected.

On my computer, you have to find your file and select properties by right-clicking on the file. Underneath security, you have to choose an advanced option. Now click on change and enter the file name. Click on check names and ensure that all the options are in full control to fix Outlook data file cannot be accessed.


Open apps from the system settings. Find some app as Microsoft Office or Microsoft 365. Click that and out of the 2 options click on modify. The process might ask you for some allowances. Allow the permissions and choose the ‘quick repair’ option whenever prompted by the system. The processing might take some time. Now if this does not work so you can select the other option ‘online repair’.

Another simple method is that from the control panel head to programs and features. Microsoft office will be there, click on it. After that you will see an option- ‘change’, click it and select ‘repair and continue’.


You can search for https://outlook.live.com on Google and from there you can log in to your account. This will check for any connection or accessibility issues to solve Outlook data file cannot be accessed error.


Follow this: [C drive- Program Files- Microsoft Office- root- OfficeXX]

A dialog box will appear and there you can click on browse and select the file. Further on click on the start option and then repair.

These are some general solutions to deal with the Outlook data file cannot be accessed error:


You have to open the outlook box under the mail option of the control panel. Further open data files in properties of show profiles. This will make you aware of the destination where the documents are stored so you can open them.


Same open the outlook box in the mail setup of the control panel. Now open general in show profiles. There you will see the choice to add a new account. Enter the asked details.


The document needs to be saved at a new destination with a new label and after that process is done you will see an option to set this as default. When you click on that the task is completed and the Outlook data file cannot be accessed fixed.

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