Office error code 0X800f0954 on Windows 10 while attempting to install


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The office error code 0X800f0954 mainly happens when the people update their windows 10 or try to download or install different apps using Microsoft store. The main reason behind this problem is firewall which is enabled, using IPv6 for the net connection and linking manually to a proxy.

Office error code 0X800f0954

How to fix office error code 0X800f0954

So in order to solve this problem given ways can be used to fix  office error code 0X800f0954

1. Impairing Windows Firewall

It is a system which works mainly to provide security at the maximum level by blocking a stopping the files which are harmful as well as suspicious. This helps in protecting our computer from various viruses as well as in which does which a malicious in nature and can cause great damage to the computer. But this nature of the software sometimes block the working of office monthly patch which creates the error message. So for the proper working you must temporary disable or impair windows firewall. You can do this by following the given steps

  1. Press windows+s button on the keyboard in order to open the search bar then type windows firewall into it and check the top result.
  2. Then tap on the option turn windows defender firewall on or off.
  3. And click on turn off windows firewall.
  4. Tap on OK to proceed further.

By doing this your error will get fixed and no more error code will be shown while updating a downloading any software from the Microsoft store.

But if your problem is not resolved follow the other methods.

2. Impairing IPV6

various people have claimed that by disabling IPv6 helps in solving the error 0x 8024 0438 on the computers. And for impairing the IPv6 here are the given steps:

  1. Open the control panel.
  2. Then go to the network and internet option.
  3. Now, open network connections.
  4. Once the net connection is open tap on the properties.
  5. Then click on wireless properties.
  6. Now remove the tick from the box that is in front of the option internet protocol version 6(TPC / IPv6).
  7. Now click OK and disable your IPv6.

You must re-open the computer so that all the changes can be applied and there can be smooth working on your device and you can easily update and access the Microsoft store without any problem.

3. Disabling Proxy

when we connect a computer to a proxy various issue are caused. And one of the common error shown is office error code 0X800f0954 when we try to open the windows store. So to remove this error you can try to disable the proxy connection by following the given steps.

  1. Press down keys windows + q on your keyboard.
  2. Search box and then type proxy into it.
  3. Once the Settings window of proxy is open go to the manual proxy setup
  4. Close the switch which is given in front of the proxy server.
  5. And then tap on save button.

Fix office Office error code 0X800f0954 on Windows 10

Now again start your computer so that all the changes can be applied properly and your Microsoft computer can update it or new apps or software can be downloaded from Microsoft store without any error or problem.

If you still face any problem you must contact the Microsoft customer help desk to get the easiest solution or to resolve your problem.

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