Microsoft Office 365 Setup

Microsoft Office is one of the most accessed software as it provides a number of benefits to its users. It is a combination of various software programs like Word PowerPoint Access Skype etc. So in this blog, you will be coming across different questions or queries and their solutions regarding Microsoft Office. Complete installation of is explained below. - Login and Activate Office setup with Product Key

Sign In, Install and Setup Office with

Go to

Open Browser, go to This is the official Office setup webpage. You can also search in your browser search.

Sign In or Create a New Account.

Sign In with your Microsoft Account associated with Office or any other Microsoft Service. If you do not have a Microsoft Account, Create one.

Enter Product Key.

Enter your 25-character Alphanumeric Product Key after you’ve signed in. Your product key can be found on the back of the retail package or in your email. If prompted, choose your country and language. Next should be selected.

Click Install Office.

On the account page, Click the Blue Install Office button, This will open the Install Office Page.

Click Install Office again.

Go ahead and Click on Install Office once more. It is the blue button under Download Office on all computers text.

Review your Options and Click Install.

A pop-up window will open, allowing you to change the language and version of Office you want to install. After you’ve gone over all of your options, click Install.

Save and Run Office Setup.

Depending on your browser, click Save in Edge, Run in Internet Explorer, Setup in Chrome, and Save in Firefox. Your download will begin, and the installation file will run automatically once it is finished.

Accept Prompts to Begin Installation.

A prompt will appear asking you to allow the setup to make changes to the device. Click Yes to run the setup and begin Installation.

Wait for Office to Finish Installation.

Once the installation process starts, it will take a few minutes to download and instal Office on your device, depending on your Internet speed. Wait for the procedure to finish. Installing Office may take some time.

You’re all done, Office is Installed, Open Apps.

When the installation is complete, you’ll see a notice that says “You’re all set!” Now that Office is installed, it will display. Close the message and open Office Apps by clicking the Close button below it.