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Today, we belong to a digitalized world. There are hundreds of important tasks that can be done while sitting at home. Be it shopping for your loved ones or paying the bills, we can easily do such tasks on our mobile phones or computers. Buying a railway or air tickets have also become easier. However, every good thing comes at certain risks and so is the case of digitalization. The number of cyber crimes has also increased considerably.

Hackers are continuous looking for a scope to steal our bank account numbers, credit card details, passwords and other personal details to extract money from us. So, in order to protect our device from such hackers, it is important that we install an anti-virus system on our computer. Norton is one such anti-virus software that provides protection to our computer.

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Norton prevents viruses from entering our computer. It also keeps our personal details safe from the hackers. It will prevent any unknown files and folders from entering our computer without our permission and thus keep our device safe.

Norton error 80047ec6:

While we are using Norton, we may face many kinds of errors. These errors occur whenever there is a problem with our system. Before doing anything else, we need to get rid of that error to ensure that our system works normally. Error 80047ec6 is one such error. It causes disruption to the normal proceedings of our computer and hence we will have to get rid of this error.

The main cause of Norton error 80047EC6:

The main cause of Norton error 80047ec6 is improper installation of our Norton software. This error is displayed on our computer screen whenever our software has not been properly installed on our device and some of the files of the software have become corrupt due to the improper installation process.


How to troubleshoot Norton error 80047EC6

In order to troubleshoot error 80047ec6, first and foremost, we need to remove Norton software from our device and then reinstall it once again to make sure that it has been properly installed. The steps to do so are as follows:

  • Down the Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool. It is easily available on the internet.
  • Save the .exe file on your desktop screen or anywhere else that is easily accessible by you.
  • Open the Download windows of your browser. This is where all the downloaded files of your device are present.
  • Click on the NRnr icon.
  • The license agreement page will be displayed to you. Read the license agreement carefully and click on “ACCEPT”.
  • Click on the Advanced
  • Click on Remove Only.
  • Click on Remove.
  • Click on Restart Now.

Thus follow these methods on Norton error 80047ec6

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