What is Norton error 3038, 104? Fix (with solution)


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Norton is a trusted brand when it comes to antivirus technology. Millions of people could trust the services and the product. The Norton antivirus launches new features in its antivirus. Some of the new features include quick scans, deep scans, etc. people loved the new features and try to explore more of the antivirus. After knowing so many good features about Norton antivirus, there are some of the issues too. Everything has some pros and cons. In Norton antivirus, there are many issues. One of the many issues is Norton error 3038, 104.

Reasons for Norton error 3038, 104

  1. Because of the uninstalled procedure
  2. The out-dated version of Norton antivirus
  3. Corrupted files are downloaded without your knowledge
  4. Date and time issue
  5. More than one antivirus is being processed on your computer
  6. Some of the Norton antivirus files might be deleted or misplaced

After knowing some of the reasons, it is important to know some of the troubleshooting steps to tackle those issues. Well in this article you get to know more about the issues and some of the ways to rectify those errors.

Norton error 3038, 104

Fewer methods to resolve Norton error 3038, 104 :

Clean up junk files

It is important to clear junk files for the smooth functioning of your devices. It is the main task of any of the antivirus to clear cookies and cache so that the processing will be fine. Those junk files will lead you to face issues and slow down your device. It is important to clear the junk files from your device so that Norton antivirus will perform its task very well.

Clearing junk files not only from the browser but also from the device. It is mandatory to clean up disk files for smooth functioning.

Update device drivers

Updating the framework ensures that your device isn’t experiencing issues identified with the presentation. However, you can download the new updates and effectively introduce them on your PC. This will keep the device updated and guarantee all the drivers are working in agreement. When you have done this, you can check if the Norton error 3038, 104 continues or has been settled.

To update the device drivers, follow the steps:

  1. Go to the Start option and search for the device manager.
  2. Click on the expand option then click on the device option. You need to tap and hold it to update drivers.
  3. Click on the search automatically for the drivers to be updated.

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We wish that through this article you get to know some of the ways which help you to tackle these errors. Norton error 3038, 104 these occur because of the runtime error or some of the installation failure. It is mandatory to look for this and try to follow the steps.

However, it is not always necessary to go straight to the difficult method. You can always try for an internet connection. Those errors occur because of the slow internet, therefore you need to change the settings. We though wish that the article is quite easy to understand.

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