MS Office Installation Error 1935 while installing Office 2007 or 2010


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MS Office in today’s world is a complete package of convenience wrapped up together for their customers to be used on any device and access all the data on those apps from anywhere at all at the same time for multiple purposes. It also comes with different plans to suit your needs. But sometimes we face issues such as MS Office Installation Error 1935. So, before resolving the issue let’s know why it occures.

MS Office Installation Error 1935:

MS Office Installation Error 1935 is a problem that occurs when 3 of these things happen: when there’s a problem with the anti-virus software and Firewall if the files on the computer system are somehow corrupted or maybe there’s a problem with the registry.

MS office Installation Error 1935

How to fix MS Office Installation Error 1935

Following are the three ways that can be used to fix this issue

1. Antivirus and Firewall

Anti-threat or anti-malware software that now most of the time come included with the new PC or laptop. They are built to protect your system from any kind of theft or possible hacking. Firewalls in the network on the other hand are like doors that are supposed to keep the virus and the likes outside. Hence, there are certain rules that this software asks of you to follow on your system to keep it safe. But sometimes they might stop the system from updating or downloading a new application. So the only option here is to disable them for a little while and then turn them back on after the work is done.

You can turn off the network firewall like this:

Settings > System and Security > Windows Firewall > Customise Settings, choose the 2nd option in both and “Turn Off”.

For Antivirus:

Open the application on your system and go to settings. There you will find an option for Real-time protection and you should turn it off now for the amount of time that suits you best.

2. SFC Scan

Another reason for this error can be a result of some of the system files having been corrupted. Now to find out and then fix these files is quite easy through an SFC or system file checking scan. To get started with the scanning process, all you will have to do would be to just run a command prompt window open wherein you will proceed to type “SFC/scan now” and hit the “enter” button. Now you just have to wait for the scan to be completed. The files that have been corrupted will be removed and in their place, the cached copies of those same files will be used instead.

3. Registry Repair

A registry is an extremely important part of the computer’s operating system and therefore not to be messed with. It may be a low-level database but even a small change in one of the figures or values could damage the system. Thus, a corrupted registry can also lead to MS Office Installation Error 1935. And the only way to fix the error, in this case, would be to repair the corrupted registry but since it is extremely delicate information it is recommended that you take the help of an actual technician while doing this.

It is quite possible that your problem may be fixed long before you reach the last part but either way to make sure that the error has really been fixed it is a better option to delete and then reinstall the MS Office from the control panel.

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