McAfee Livesafe won't uninstall

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McAfee LiveSafe is one of the greatest creation of McAfee in the field of anti-viruses. It is not just a common antivirus. It is much more than that. In general, an antivirus protects your PCs or mobile devices from malicious files which when executed are replicated and insert its own block of code within the computer’s own programs thus corrupting them. A McAfee LiveSafe isn’t an antivirus. It is a completely digital system security package for our cloud files which are the files that can be stored online.

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McAfee LiveSafe can also be used to store our passwords. Many times, we see that our accounts get hacked which occurs when our passwords are no longer completely protected. McAfee LiveSave can be used for the complete encryption of our passwords. McAfee LiveSafe can be used to protect numerous numbers of Windows PCs, Android devices as well as MAC devices. It offers a cloud storage of 1GB making it the most popular and successful product of McAfee.

McAfee Livesafe won’t uninstall problem:

McAfee LiveSafe once installed on our device is not easy to remove. This software tends to leave back files which prevent our device from functioning properly. Many users have complained that they are not able to remove McAfee and their computer screen turns white as soon as they begin to uninstall it.

McAfee Livesafe won't uninstall

Steps to fix McAfee Livesafe won’t uninstall:

Uninstalling McAfee LiveSafe on MAC

  • Open the Applications folder from the DOCK. The DOCK is a prominent feature of the MAC OS.
  • Double-click on the McAfee Internet Security Uninstaller.
  • Click on Continue.
  • Type our administrative password.
  • Click OK.

Uninstalling McAfee LiveSafe on Android Devices.

  • Click on Settings.
  • Go to Applications.
  • Double-Click on Manage Applications.
  • Select McAfee Mobile Security.
  • Go to Options.
  • Click on Uninstall.

Uninstalling McAfee LiveSafe on Android Devices.

  • Click on Applications.
  • Select the Ubuntu Software Center.
  • In the search box, type MAVL.
  • Select McAfee.
  • Click Remove.
  • Enter your authentication credentials.
  • Click Authenticate.

Uninstalling McAfee LiveSafe on Windows.

Method 1: Windows Removal Method

  • Click on Start menu from the Taskbar
  • Click on Control Panel
  • Select
  • Go to Programs and Features.
  • Double Click on McAfee.
  • Click on Uninstall
  • Tap the Finish

METHOD 2: Removal using the McAfee Consumer Product Removal tool (MCPR).

This method is used when the standard removal method is not working.

  • Download the MCPR tool. This can be easily done from the internet.
  • Double-click exe
    The McAfee Removal screen will appear. At the McAfee Software Removal screen:

    1. Click Next.
    2. Click Agree to accept the End User License Agreement (EULA).
  • At the Security Validation screen: Type the characters as exactly as shown on the screen (validation is case-sensitive). This is done to make sure that you are a human being and not a machine.
  • Click  When the process is complete, the message “REMOVAL COMPLETE“ will be displayed on your screen.

However, before carrying out this process, the following points have to be kept in mind.

  • Make sure you download the latest version of MCPR tool to enable proper uninstalling.
  • The MCPR tool will only remove those files which are absolutely necessary for the uninstalling process.

Hence, although removal of McAfee is a tedious process, it is quite possible to remove it from our device using the steps which have been mentioned above.

Thus follow these steps to fix McAfee Livesafe won’t uninstall

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