Why Kaspersky blocking Wi-Fi connection? (Full Solution)


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Kaspersky’s Internet Security and Anti-Virus security arrangements keep you from getting to hazardous sites that contain malware or unsecured content while you surfing the internet. Nonetheless, both security arrangements may block you from getting to sites that you as of now trust and know about. It helps you to delete the malware which affects the documents. Kaspersky antivirus is famously known across the world. But in between that it shows some errors which need to be solved. One of the many errors includes Kaspersky blocking Wi-Fi connection. It needs to be solved. Well in the article you get to know some of the steps which help you to figure out the Kaspersky blocking Wi-Fi connection.

Steps to resolve this issue:

Method 1: Check the connection

Before following any of the further steps choose the easy steps by checking your Wi-Fi connection. Maybe it stopped because of the wire’s improper connection or some server issues. We directly do not blame Kaspersky for blocking Wi-Fi connection.

    • Restart the PC and modem or Wi-Fi whatever you are using.
    • Try to put both the devices in safe mode for an easy connection.
    • Then run the operating system.
    • Update your Wi-Fi router or modem for a better connection.

Method 2: Check firewall exception

    • To manage that, you can reconnect your switch, reset all gear like we previously exhorted, and search for changes.
    • On the off chance that those activities are without much of any result, make a point to altogether review the Firewall part of your antimalware suite.
    • You can make exemptions to let singular projects (like programs and email customers) to convey through the firewall.

Method 3: Disable Kaspersky antivirus

  • In any case of antivirus blocking Wi-Fi connection, it is better to disable Kaspersky antivirus. In the end, and we can’t call this an answer yet rather a workaround, you should cripple your antivirus or go for another option.
  • There’s consistently an alternative to contact the antivirus error and request help. Perhaps there’s a bug nearby with the current emphasis and you pointing towards it should assist engineers with managing it quickly.
  • It might take time to disabled the antivirus. Sometimes Kaspersky took time to identify the malware which blocked the Wi-Fi connection.


We wish that through this you get to know about the Kaspersky blocking Wi-Fi connection. It will lead you to stop surfing the internet. We wish that this is quite understandable and hopefully help you to solve this issue as soon as possible.

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2 replies
  1. Chloe Ackles
    Chloe Ackles says:

    Hi all,

    I installed Kaspersky pure 2.0 on my laptop, and have been unable to access the internet ever since this, the only way i get internet access is when i disable Kaspersky, which is not the solution i am looking for, my colleague also installed it on his laptop but don’t have the problems i am experiencing, i compared settings in Kaspersky on both machines and they are the same, can anyone shed a little light on why this is happening?

    • admin
      admin says:

      Hello Chloe, MSE doesn’t have a toolbar or add-on (I could be wrong but I don’t believe so). A virus is a much more likely possibility. If you had MSE before, VERY possible. I would say the best thing to do would be boot into safe-mode and run SAS and MBAM scans. Full scans if you can. Do that after running CCleaner and Eusing Free Registry Cleaner. Although This problem cannot be fix over the comment box but still we would recommend to follow this answer. You can also directly ask to tech experts from our chat option, available right on your screen.


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