Why Kaspersky blocking websites? (Full Solution)


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With extraordinary consistent malware protection, an easy-to-use interface, and no impact on system execution, Kaspersky does basic contamination affirmation incredibly well, most likely the best in the business. You’ll learn here why Kaspersky blocking websites and solutions to this issue.

  1. Kaspersky has been the trusted antivirus. People can rely on services and features. The main aim is to eradicate or scan the malware from the PC. It is important to delete the malware to protect the documents.
  2. Kaspersky’s antivirus and Internet security things empower customers to discourage undesirable locales, for instance, the ones that have malware or serve intrusive promotions, utilizing ‘blacklists.’
  3. Some websites are seriously blocked. Ousting a site from the blacklisted will unblock, be that as it may, it may be discouraged again later on. Just by adding the websites into the whitelist, makes it unblocked. It will help you to look for websites and surf better.

Kaspersky’s Internet Security and Anti-Virus security arrangements keep you from getting to hazardous sites that contain malware or unsecured content while you surfing the internet. Nonetheless, both security arrangements may block you from getting to sites that you as of now trust and know about. To access a blocked site, utilize Kaspersky’s Web Anti-Virus protection tool to include the site as a confided in URL.

Steps to solve the issue of Kaspersky blocking websites

  1. Open your Kaspersky Internet Security or Kaspersky Anti-Virus establishment.
  2. Click the “Settings” choice on the lower right half of the Kaspersky Internet Security.
  3. Press the “protection Center” side-tab, and afterward select “Web Anti-Virus.”
  4. Snap “Settings,” and after that click on “Design Trusted Web Pages” where you could change the settings to view the website.
  5. Now click “Include” on the Trusted Web Pages spring up window.
  6. Enter the landing page URL of a site that you need to unblock into the empty field under “Address Mask (URL).”
  7. Check the radio catch close to “Active” and afterward click “Include” to add the site to Kaspersky’s believed URL list.
  8. Press “Alt-F4” to close the Trusted Web Pages spring up window.


We wish that after following these steps you get to know about Kaspersky blocking websites. It is important to know the reason behind not to surf the specific website. Some websites are fully secured and because of that, you are not able to use that website. We wish that after following these steps you get to know some of the steps which help you to reach that website. It ensures that you will not get to some unprotected website.

Kaspersky antivirus aims to reduce some of the malware and Trojans and try to protect your data. In any case, if you are not able to view some website then it is best you can change the antivirus settings and try to view that.

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      admin says:

      Hello James, Kaspersky applications may block access to a website: it may be displayed incorrectly or fail to open completely. This may occur due to the following reasons: The site may contain phishing links, malicious code or other threats. You can also directly ask to tech experts from our chat option, available right on your screen.


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