Install error 0x80070643-Update for MS Office 2010 (kb2553347) 32-bit


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Regular software updates are always a good way to keep up with the latest technology and even the tiniest new feature that may make your experience much better. but often we face some problems such as install Error-0x80070643 while updating. But often an important step like this can be disrupted because of a number of reasons, one of them showing a small window on your screen that says install Error 0x80070643 while you were about to update your MS Office 2010 32 bit edition.

install Error-0x80070643

How to fix install Error 0x80070643

The reason for this install Error 0x80070643 can be the fact that there might have been some problems with the old or previous updates on your computer. To get rid of this error, follow these easy steps:

  • First, you will have to see your update history in the computer settings and then examine the list found there.
  • Sometimes the actual thing causing all the ruckus and damage might be small enough to go unnoticed. Therefore, you will need to troubleshoot your system before anything bad happens to it.
  • To start with the troubleshooting process, you will have to give your computer system a clean swipe to get rid of the excess or unnecessary things lying around your system so that your computer will be able to pinpoint exactly what is causing the problem, in this case, what is causing an install Error 0x80070643 in MS Office update. In simple words, you will have to give your computer a clean boot.
  • Clean boot is not the same as just a reboot or restart so you definitely don’t have to be worried about losing any important files or date. To “enter a clean boot state” means that you will be starting up the system with the least numbers of drivers and programs required to be able to locate the issue and handle it.
  • Next comes the important part of troubleshooting, which is quite easy.
  • Press the windows key+ S, in the search bar type Troubleshooting.
  • When you open the Troubleshooting settings, go to the Windows Update option and start the process following the instructions that appear.

This should be able to easily fix the problem and you will no longer face the error while updating your MS Office. But in case it doesn’t still work, there are two more steps you can follow to fix it.

  • Firstly, check if you have any anti-virus or any other anti-malware software installed on your computer. Because these apps or software can often restrict the computer from downloading any new app or updates. Disable them for a while, download your update and then turn the app back on to keep your system threat-free.
  • The last step you will have to resort to would be just simply resetting the Windows updates components.

This is all that you can do to fix the Install error 0x80070643 in your MS Office update. For further help, you can reach out to the customer technical support team.


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