How to increase font size in YouTube? (Full Solution)


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YouTube is the second biggest internet searcher close to Google. Individuals transfer over 100 hours of video for each moment to YouTube. It’s perhaps the most ideal approach to impart to a wider section of people, regardless of whether you’re advancing projects or giving data to understudies. Here are a couple of reasons why and how to increase font size in YouTube is extraordinary.

Youtube and its Font:

Video is one of the most mainstream content arrangements, and it’s routinely shared using web-based social networking. Google and other web crawlers will in general kindness video, so sharing a video through YouTube with great titles, portrayals, and labels is an extraordinary method to improve your web search tool positioning. YouTube has a wide variety of videos from every corner of the world. Now the question is why it is important to have a bigger font on YouTube? Whenever you browse for any videos and the font size is small or you are commenting on any of the videos or putting your thought in the videos, then it has to be the normal font size, not the bigger one nor the smaller ones. People could understand and read that text easily. It will not pressurize their eyes while reading the text.

More about Youtube:

People put thoughts and views in the comment section, which the whole world wanted to read but in any case, if the font is small then it, would be ignored.

Steps to enlarge the Font size on your Youtube:

  1. YouTube is preinstalled in the phones and a laptop so you can browse it on any of the browsers.
  2. When YouTube is opened, go to the settings. In the laptop, settings are on the left side of the screen, and on the phone, you can go to the top of the screen and you will be directed to the setting.
  3. Now go to the visibility enhancement to change the font size.
  4. Now click on the font size, style.
  5. With the help of the slider, you have to slide the slider to the right for the increase of the font and move that slider to the left to decrease the font size.
  6. When you set the slider to the desired font size, click on OK.


Now after this, your Youtube font size is increased and you can enjoy the video description and comments in the bigger font.  It will be good for people who have an improper vision or has hazy visually. YouTube is known to educational as well as entertainment purposes. People invest most of the time on YouTube to enjoy movies, songs, educational videos, regional videos as well. In any case, people stuck in between changing the font size in Youtube then it is to be recommended that after following the steps restart the device for the smooth functioning. It is to be advised that follow the steps instructional.

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