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The scanner is used to convert the hard copy of a document to its softcopy whereas a printer converts a softcopy of a document to its hard copy. In such devices, the same glass is used both as a printer as well as a scanner. Such devices are extremely useful and we can find them in various offices as well as in educational institutions. They look very stylish and are also quite affordable but sometimes while working on the printer or scanner you may face some kinds of technical issue like Hp scanner failure code 30.1.8 there are some very simple steps to resolve this issue that are given below in this article according to the Hp printer tech support experts.


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Hp scanner failure code 30.1.8

An error occurs when our device is no longer performing properly and has met with an obstruction. An error message starts to be displayed on the screen of our device and we need to troubleshoot the error before we start working on our device. The error code 30.1.8 occurs in Hp scanners when the scanner fails to perform properly.

What is the cause of Hp scanner failure code 30.1.8?

This error is also called scanner calibration error. Scanner calibration error occurs due to the improper power supply to our scanner or an error in the hardware components of our device. It may also occur if our scanner gets jammed or locked

Hp scanner failure code 30.1.8

How to solve Hp scanner failure code 30.1.8?


When the MFP initialization sequence starts, the scanner optical assembly moves towards the calibration strip from its initial. If this movement fails to occur, this means that an error has occurred. To get rid of this error, we need to raise the ADF. Ensure that the scanner lock is in its proper position and is absolutely fixed. Turn on the MFP and observe the movement of the optical assembly. If it does not move once again, remove the scanner glass and check whether anything is stuck inside that is preventing the optical assembly from moving freely. Check the optical drive belt.  Check all the parts of the scanner to make sure that the optical assembly is able to move.


  1. Pull up the ADF assembly and to monitor the scanner lock. Make sure that it is in the unlocked position.
  2. Check whether the connector (dc power connection) on the scanner is firmly placed.
  3. Check whether the connector (optical head connection) is firmly placed.


The third method is to reset the scanner. Take out the plugs from the back of the scanner. Leave the scanner in that state for a few minutes and then put the cords back to their original positions. Try scanning a document to see whether your device is working or not.

Also, it may so happen that the scanner is facing some inbuilt issue. The hardware component of the scanner is not functioning properly as a result of which it is not being able to scan our document. In that case, we will have to contact the Hp Technical Support for help. Explain your problem to them in details and they will provide you with necessary guidelines. You may also directly take your device to the Hp service centre to get your device repaired. If it is in the warranty period then you can get it repaired free of cost.

Thus follow these methods on Hp scanner failure code 30.1.8

Comment below if you have any queries on Hp scanner failure code 30.1.8

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