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A printhead is a part of the printer. It is responsible for spraying or putting ink on the paper. It comprises a nozzle through which it sprays the ink and an electric circuit. If the printhead is not working then the printer is no longer capable of working properly. It is in contact with the printer’s ink resource. It is movable and moves across the paper printing the material on it. If you are a frequent user of the Hp printer then you can encounter some kinds of Hp printer problem with printhead.

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Several problems may arise with the print head. The nozzle of the print head may get clogged or there might be some issue with the electric circuit. In such cases, the printer will no longer be able to give the proper output.


Based on our problems, there are several ways to make our printhead work properly. The various methods are:

METHOD 1: If our printhead gets clogged or jammed, then the best way to solve the problem is to clean and reinstall the printhead. The steps are as follows:

  • Switch on the printer by pressing the Power Button.
  • Now open the cartridge door.
  • Carefully remove the cartridges from the printer and place keep them aside.
  • Stop the cartridges by lifting the latch.
  • Remove the printhead and clean it.

To make sure that the printhead is totally clean, we will have to properly clean the following regions of the printhead:

  • The region which is between the nozzles.
  • The plastic clamps at the sizes of the nozzles.
  • The electric contacts.

However, while cleaning the printhead we must make sure that the printhead does not remain outside the printer for a very long time. Otherwise, it may end up harming both the printer as well as the printhead. Also, we must not touch the nozzle or the electric contact with our hands as it may cause damage to them. We should clean them with a very soft and light cloth and continue the cleaning process as long as ink no longer shows on the piece of cloth.

METHOD 2: The second method is to restart the printer. Sometimes, when the printhead is not working, restarting the printer helps it get back to its original form. The steps to restart the printer are as follows:

  • Turn on the printer by pressing the Power Button.
  • Wait until the printer reaches an idle state.
  • Pull the plug out from the printer while the printer is still on.
  • Pull the cord from the outside wall connection.
  • Leave the printer for minutes or two.
  • Then again put the cords back to their original places.
  • Start the printer once again.

METHOD 3: The third way out is to replace the printhead if the problem continues even after applying the methods listed above. We can go to a Hp outlet and purchase a new printhead from there.

METHOD 4: The fourth method is to re-service our printer. For that, we will have to contact the Hp Technical Support or take our printer to a nearby Service Centre.

Thus follow these steps to fix Hp printer problem with printhead

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