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What is HP Printer Error 49.4C02 

HP Printer Error 49.4C02 could be a well-known error among users that halts all the operations being performed on the printer and asks for a restart. The error once happens is displayed on the printer screen. For some lucky users, this was solely a one-time issue except for some it became a permanent headache rendering the printer unusable as whenever one would flip this printer on, the error would seem again within seconds.

Getting HP Printer Error 49.4C02, Then, contact HP Printer Support Team:

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HP Printer Support phone number   +1-877-432-0678

How to resolve HP Printer Error 49.4C02? 

Solution 1: Upgrade Printer’s firmware

Firmware during a printer is analogous to what Windows is to your PC. it’s an OS for a printer. outdated firmware is that the 1st suspect once this error happens on an hp printer. Firmware updates are sometimes released for this precise reason i.e. to repair varied bugs and errors during a printer like the one you’re facing currently.

Before we continue, you’ll have to return the printer into a ready state. As this error usually seems due to a PDF file being sent to print, you’ll get to cancel that print job.

  • If you’re the only one sending the print, Press the Windows key and type Devices and printers. Click on Devices and Printers within the search results. Right, Click on your printer installed and click on See what’s printing.
  • Right, Click anywhere on the window that simply opened and click on Cancel All Documents.
  • If it’s a network printer and you do not understand who is sending the printer, merely disconnect the network cable from the printer to disconnect it from the network. currently, Restart your printer and leave the network cable unplugged.

Through Firmware Update Utility

To update the printer’s firmware, firstly you’ll get to check the present firmware Version running on your printer. To do, you’ll have to Print a Configuration page from the difficult printer. Use the interface on the printer itself and navigate to Administration or info or the Configuration section within the menu. Its location might differ by the model of the printer you have.

Through FTP on Network

The HP’s firmware update utility is thought to fail on some printers. On network printers, it may also be done over the network exploitation the FTP protocol. If the printer offers the error when you connect it to the network, then either turn off each alternative pc connected to that or change the IP address of the printer.

Solution 2: Update Drivers to PCL6 Driver

PCL6, PCL5 or PCL5e are scripting languages used in drivers for printers. using the PCL6 drivers for hp printers could be a well-known remedy for the 49.4C02 error.

  • To install the PCL6 drivers, 1st you’ll get to download it. To do so, move to HP’s driver’s support website.
  • Enter your printer model name beneath “Enter my hp model number”. The support page can open for that printer. choose your Windows version under OS.
  • In the results below, click on the driver – Universal Print Driver to expand it. search for hp Universal Print Driver for Windows PCL6 and click on the download button next to that to download it.
  • Run the downloaded file and it’ll provoke a location to extract its content. outline a location or leave the default in it and click on unzip. Its Installation can startup automatically. Follow the on-screen directions currently.

Solution 3: Print PDF as Image

  • This error largely happens once a user prints a PDF file. usually, that PDF file has fonts a little too complex which will ruin the printer’s memory. You’ll be able to counter this issue by printing the PDF as a picture.
  • To do so, foremost Clear the print queue that has the difficult PDF get in its list using the method given in answer one. Unless that PDF is removed, the printer can continue giving that error.
  • Now Restart the printer.
  • Open the PDF you were attempting to print. Press and hold the Windows key and Press P to remark the Print Window. now Click on the Advanced button.
  • Place a Check next to Print As Image. Click OK and print the document. the situation of the Print As Image choice may vary from printer to printer.
  • Check if the problem is resolved. If not, then it’s the PDF file that’s corrupt.

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