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HP printer support provides the best Hewlett Packard product support. The quality and efficiency of the service this a household name. The product range is brilliant and has a solid customer support system. HP has launched a large number of printers; all for different picture quality and requirements. In this article, you will learn about what is HP printer error 49.4a.04 causes of occurrence and methods to fix this issue.

HP printer error 49.4a.04 : crash on HP printers with some PDF files

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The advantages of using HP printers are immense but users do encounter some issues from time to time.

What are the causes HP printer error 49.4a.04?

1. An outdated Operating system on your computer.

2. Improper installation of the printer driver.

3. The printer firmware may be corrupted.

Simple Steps to fix HP printer error 49.4a.04

Step 1- Update your OS to the latest version

Step 2- Uninstall the printer driver, reboot the PC and reinstall the latest printer driver

Step 3- Download and upgrade the printer’s firmware to the latest available version.

Step 4- Test in no Add-on mode

1. Press the “Windows/Start” button.

2. Go to Programs.

3. Navigate to Accessories and then click on Administrative tools.

4. Now, click on Internet Explorer and then select “no Add-on” or you can simply reset Internet Explorer.

5. Click on the Advanced tab of Internet Options.

6. Press the “Reset button” to disable some of the existing Internet Explorer add-ons and to also reset the Internet Explorer Security zone settings.

Step 5- Verify if the errors occurring because of a hardware/ driver malfunction.

1. Open the IE menu.

2. Click on “View”.

3. Now, navigate to Style.

4. Select “No Style” from the IE menu.

5. Navigate to File.

6. Finally, click on “Print”.

7. Make sure you print using the built-in XPS printer instead of the HP printer.

8. This will confirm whether it is an HP hardware/driver issue.

Step 6- Update your operating system.

Step 7- Clean up your system.

1. Overhaul Registry Entries associated with Error 6189.

2. Carry out a deep scan of your computer to check for any malicious softwares that may be interrupting QuickBooks.

3. Remove all temporary files and folders with Disk Cleanup.

4. Make sure the device drivers and browsers are all up to date.

5. Undo any recent considerable system changes you might have made.

6. Uninstall and then reinstall the QuickBooks Database Manager.

7. Uninstall Windows and reinstall it to get rid of any issues created by the operating system itself.

Step 8- Reset the printer.

1. Try printing the configuration page.

2. Now, take out the jet direct.

3. Press and hold the ‘Go’ button to power on the printer.

4. Once the display shows the printer is offline, the reset process is complete.

Step 9- Make sure that the firmware is up to date. If not, change it immediately.

1. Make sure you check each part by removing different components; one at a time.

2. Make sure you turn off the printer every time you remove any component.

3. The major parts that need to be checked are-

a. Envelope Feeder.

b. Jet direct.

c. DIMM.

d. All the communication cables except the power cables.

Contact the HP customer service for further assistance.

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