How to resolve Hp printer error 0xc19a0020? (Full Solution)


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HP printer is a well-known printer brand. All the HP printers are very easy to use and come with modern technology. But, while using HP printers, users can come across many printer errors. And HP printer error 0xc19a0020 is one of them.

It is a very common issue, and HP printer error 0xc19a0020 is also known as print head error. And whenever this error occurs, it made you stop your printing task. So, a user needs to solve the issue to continue their urgent printing task. But, first look at the reasons for it. All these reasons help us to understand the error properly.

Reasons for the HP printer error 0xc19a0020

  1. Misalignment of the paper
  2. Improper positioning of the printer head
  3. Internal print head failure
  4. An issue in the print head
  5. Incompatibility of the paper

All these are the causes of the HP printer error 0xc19a0020. So, if you are facing the error, here are some troubleshooting methods to fix the HP printer error 0xc19a0020.

HP printer error 0xc19a0020

Some troubleshooting steps:

Method 1: Clean the print head

  1. First, Remove the Printer Head unit by opening the print head release lever.
  2. And then, remove the printer head and clean its contacts with a damp cloth. Clean it properly.
  3. Now, a user needs to reinstall the print head unit and lower the lever handle.
  4. Last, try to print something to check the issue.

Method 2: Install Ink cartridges

  1. First, turn on your HP printer.
  2. In the next step, open the HP printer cover.
  3. And then, a user is required to remove the carriage by pressing the old ink cartridges.
  4. A user needs to remove all the ink cartridges.
  5. Next, a user needs to install them back correctly and properly.
  6. Last, reset your printer and also do a test printing to check the issue.

Method 3: Inspect Smart Chip of the Cartridge

  1. Turn On your HP printer.
  2. In the next step, a user needs to remove the ink cartridges carefully.
  3. And then, inspect the smart chip interface and see that its position is correct or not.
  4. In case there is an issue, then a user needs to replace the old one with the new one.


We hope all these given troubleshooting solutions help you to solve your HP printer error 0xc19a0020. HP printers are among the top brand printers, and they offer excellent printer service. But many times, it still shows some errors, so fix these errors to continue using the brilliant features of the HP printers.

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