HP Office Jet 4655 not Printing


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While speaking about the HP printer, the logo itself explores the reality of tremendously advanced features of a high-quality picture and clean work carried out. HP printer has undergone a speed take a look at with a brilliant picture and different documents with a clean format. Hp needs no introduction as the brand itself to explore a variety of picture quality gadgets. If you are dealing with Hp products you need to know something about the hardware and software.

A brand like this knows about users’ needs for the ideal printer. They’d made printers according to the needs of the user’s daily work. Some are big for office purpose and some are small for the household or schooling purpose.

In this article, we talk about Hp office jet 4655 not working and try to provide some of the troubleshooting steps. Those steps help you to tackle the issue.

Causes of the Hp office jet 4655 not printing:

1)     In this case, you are using the out-dated drivers to operate the Hp office jet 4655 printer.

2)     If the printer driver is not responding then you may likely face this issue.

3)     If the status is offline, try to restart the device and try to change the setting.

4)     The wires are not suitably connected.

5)     Low internet connection.

After knowing some of the causes behind the Hp office jet 4655, not printing. It is important to know some of the troubleshooting steps which help you tackle the issue. We though wish that the steps will be quite easy for you to understand.

Troubleshooting steps

Wires not related suitably

Your printer should have two connections related to it: the power interface and the data connection. It is important that the power and data joins (equivalent connection or USB interface) are related to both the printer and PC

Exactly when a misstep occurs in printing, for instance, the machine is out of paper or paper is trapped, and researching the message is indicated normally. Make the best possible move depicted in the message.

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Clogged ink cartridges

On the off chance that you are utilizing HP ink cartridges and the ink levels are not low,  At that point, there might be some dry ink on the ink outlet on the cartridge. Ink can evaporate and stop up the ink cartridge outlet if the printer isn’t utilized in any event once every week.

This can likewise, occur if the printer isn’t turn off when it isn’t being utilized. This may lead you to face the issue. You need to clean the ink cartridges. It is important to see the roller and toner for the smooth functioning.

Drivers should be updated

Hp provides you the best drivers for your printer for smooth functioning. If your drivers are corrupted then it might create an issue of not printing. So it is better to go for the printer drivers from HP itself.

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Well, through this article, we wish that you get to know more about Hp office jet 4655, not printing. Some of the causes which might lead you to face this issue. You must have a strong connection. If you are using the wireless printer then the internet connection must be strong. Your printer drivers should be updated for the smooth functioning.

We wish that the steps are quite easy for you to understand the issue of Hp office jet 4655, not printing.

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