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What is a scanner?

Hewlett Packard is well known for products like scanners and printers. Their printers are used all across the world and are quite reputed. Along with printers, this company manufactures scanners as well. The scanners are used to convert the hard copy to a soft copy. Their function is exactly opposite to that of printers. Printers are used to convert soft copy to a hard copy. The scanner is also a type of peripheral device which can be attached to the computer with the help of a plug or USB port. They can even be wireless. They are a type of input device as texts, images, and other documents can be inserted in the computer with the help of a scanner.  The hp printers and scanners have a common glass which can be used as a printer glass or a scan glass which is used as and when the need arises.


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What is an HP laserjet scanner error 3030?

People using Hp LaserJet scanner will definitely have knowledge of this error as it may occur from time to time. It is a very common error with the Hp LaserJet 3030 series of printers and scanners. This error may occur due to one of the following causes:

  • Tiny dust particles or a very thin film of ozone may accumulate on the glass of the scanner. As a result, the scanner is not being able to function properly.
  • Also, it may occur when tiny bits of paper get stuck between the casing and the scanner glass of our device.

How to solve the Hp laserjet scanner error 3030?

The Hp LaserJet scanner error 3030 can be solved by carefully clearing the scanner. The steps to clean the scanner are as follows:

  • Turn off the printer.
  • Remove the cable from the external power supply.
  • Remove the keyboard cover by lifting it upwards.
  • Remove the keyboard by lifting it upwards.
  • Take out the top keys of the scanner.
  • Remove the scanner assembly cover.
  • Clean the mirrors very carefully with a clean and soft cloth. You can use a torch or a flashlight to see the dust particles. This process has to be done extremely carefully as a single scratch on the glass may damage our scanner.
  • Place the scanner cover back to its original place.
  • Clean the scanner glass carefully with a soft cloth. Remove any trace of paper that may have got stuck between the scanner glass and the casing. Make sure that you carry out this process very gently.
  • Put the scanner glass back into its original place.
  • Put the keyboard back to its original place.
  • Put the keyboard cover also.
  • Place the plug back into the power supply. Star the scanner once again.
  • After restarting the scanner, try to scan a page to see whether the error has been rectified or not.

Thus follow these methods on Hp laserjet scanner error 3030

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