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Hewlett Packard or Hp offers users with the latest technology printers at a much affordable budget. These printers provide a high definition print with superior quality and cost-effectiveness which not only works for clients but for businesses too. Hewlett Packard offers users a wide range of software and hardware components and likewise provides services to its users, i.e., customers, small, large, and medium enterprises including education, healthcare, and government sectors. Hewlett Packard provides users with not only high-quality prints but also a wide range of prints ranging from normal ones to multifaceted workflows. Everything a user craves for, Hp has got it all. These printers are readily available at any store and can be used for both home and business purposes with all-in-one printers to Hp Sprocket Photo Printers. A printer is a device that converts softcopy of a document into the hard copy in this procedure a user needs to connect multiple devices to the printer but some times because of some technical connection problem user fails to do so. Hp LaserJet pro 400 connection error is an example of this type of connection problem. This connection problem arises when the Hp server gets updated from the backend of the Hp team because of security issues. There are some very simple steps that you need to follow to solve 400 connection errors from your Hp laserjet pro printer. That is given in this article with the help of Hp printer technical support experts.


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Features of LaserJet Pro Printers

There’s only one word linked to it when we talk about legendary Hp quality prints, i.e., Hp LaserJet Pro which is powered by JetIntelligence Toner cartridges. These Hp printers generate high-end professional documents forthwith from a laser printed design. LaserJet Pro saves energy with automatic Hp on and off application and users can easily print their documents via their smartphones or tablets.

Jet Intelligence Toner cartridges are specially formulated cartridges that enable the printer to match your printer’s speed and size and works well at fusing temperature. This product delivers efficiency and thrives at attaining customer loyalty with uncompromised performance and reliable print quality.


Hp LaserJet pro 400 connection error


How does Hp LaserJet pro 400 works?

Hp LaserJet Pro 400 offers two-sided printing to its users with touchscreen controls, web application support and an easy alternative to print files from your USB. This LaserJet printer supports Hp ePrint for clouds and Apple AirPrint for iThings and is very cost-effective providing 25% less on ever purchase and being an ideal choice for businesses that work with duplexing. Hp LaserJet Pro 400 has storage of about 300 sheet paper tray with an additional option of switching over with a 500-sheet paper tray. Readers might be having questions about how long will these cartridges survive.

Mostly available less expensive cartridges like the black toner cartridge can print about 6,800 pages in much lesser time. The maximum capacity of printing also depends on the print toner which is 80X black toner cartridge which can print approximately 13,800 pages. For all the customers, small to large enterprises, this printer is an ideal choice if they are looking for an option to print more in less time. And sometimes an error occurs like Hp LaserJet pro 400 connection error.

How to resolve Hp LaserJet pro 400 connection error?

Users have been facing with connection errors like Hp LaserJet pro 400 connection error when they are trying to print documents on their printers’ due to the Hp server upgrade, which was specifically done for security purposes, whilst this upgrade is also encumbering their Hp ePrint service.

In such circumstances, users should upgrade their printer’s firmware since after the Hp server upgrade, they issued a notice that the ePrint service is not working for printers having an outdated firmware. To further resolve this issue, after updating your printer with the latest firmware version, from the update acquire a new code printer claim code. Users can also register their printer’s new claim code on the Hp connected.

Thus by reading the above article, you know how to fix Hp LaserJet pro 400 connection error

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