How to Setup Lexmark Wireless Printer?


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How to Setup Lexmark Wireless Printer? – Lexmark printers have ruled over the hearts of people by offering quality printing services. The printers of this brand are reliable and best for long-term use. Its product line comprises printers that suit everyone –  from corporates to home offices, and others. If you have just purchased an awesome Lexmark printer, the first thing you would do is set it up. But do you know How to set up Lexmark Wireless Printer?

If not, don’t fret as the process includes a few steps. In a few minutes, you will be able to fire up your Lexmark printer without any hassle. Folk looking for all the steps and methods to set up Lexmark Wireless Printer at one place have landed at the right place. Tech Support 24/7 has curated a list of steps that will help you fire up your Lexmark printer quickly. So, if you want to learn How to Set up Lexmark Wireless Printer, keep reading. Know more.

How to Setup Lexmark Wireless Printer?

Individuals facing any technical error or printer-related issue can connect with experts to find a proficient and working solution by dialing +1-877-432-0678.

Things You Need to Setup Lexmark Wireless Printer

Before you dig deep into this ultimate guide to setting up a Lexmark wireless printer, let’s have a glance at the things you need on your hand. Be aware that without these things you won’t be able to fire up your printer and enjoy printing. So, the things you need to Set up Lexmark Wireless Printer are as follows:-

  • Printer
  • Computer
  • Required Cables
  • Internet Connection

When you have an active speed internet connection, you are ready to go. With this ultimate guide, you can set up your Lexmark wireless printer and enjoy a seamless printing experience.

How to Setup Lexmark Wireless Printer?

Keeping the technical level of the individuals in mind, we have prepared this ultimate guide that illustrates the steps to set up Lexmark wireless printer. Go through the below-mentioned steps and set up your printer for high-quality printing.

  • Before you perform any other step make sure your wireless network is configured and working well.
  • Also, make sure that the device (Personal computer/laptop) you will use for printing has been connected to the same network as your printer.
  • Then, plug the power cable into the back of your Lexmark Printer.
  • Turn ON your printer once you have plugged the power cable into the printer.
  • Next, make sure that your Lexmark printer and the computer are fully turned ON and are in the Ready state.
  • Do not plug the USB cable or any other cable until any command on the computer screen appears.
  • Now, you have to insert the CD into the CD or DVD ROM.
  • Install the printer software and drivers after that.

Download Online When You Have No CD

In case you do not have any CDs, then don’t worry, you can download the latest printer drivers from the official Lexmark printer website. You can find the drivers for your printer by typing the model number into the search box. However, if you have trouble finding compatible drivers for your Lexmark printer, contact Tech Support 24×7 experts.

  • Once you download the drivers and software, open and start installing them.
  • Click the Install button to begin the installation process. Then, follow the on-screen instructions.
  • After that, you need to select the wireless connection option when you are asked to choose the connection.
  • Then, you have to click on the guided setup when the screen indicating “Network Configuration” appears.
  • Connect the USB cable and the other cables to the printer and the computer.
  • Make sure that any ethernet cable is not connected to your computer or the printer when establishing a wireless connection between your Lexmark printer and the computer.
  • Try printing a page for testing purposes.
  • If your Lexmark Wireless printer prints successfully, there is nothing that you have to do.

With the above-listed steps, you can Set up Lexmark Wireless Printer without any hassle. All these steps have been tested by the experts and are 100% working. However, if you face any difficulty while performing any steps, you are just one call away from connecting with experts.

Connect with Tech Support 24×7 Experts

When it comes to buying a printer for reliable and quality printing, the Lexmark printer always stays at the top of the list. If you just have brought a Lexmark printer to your home and having trouble firing it up, follow the above steps. These steps are tested by experts and work 100%. You can follow these steps and enjoy quality printing services.

However, if the above-listed method to Set up Lexmark Wireless Printer doesn’t work for you, there is nothing to be worried about. You can always connect with Tech Support 24/7 experts to find a solution for any printer-related problem. To connect with experts, dial +1-877-432-0678.

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