setup gmail in Outlook 2016

How to Setup Gmail In Outlook 2016 Complete Guide

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Setup Gmail in Outlook 2016

Using a program providing the feature of mail is always used through various accounts. This provides the user ease, as he/she doesn’t require multiple applications in the device. Every mail that the user wants to send or receive will thus, have an individual application providing such other through which the user can choose the account with which he wants to send or check the mail. Microsoft’s application called Outlook provides the facility of mail. Also has such features. But it serves various errors thus needs to follow detailed techniques to do so. We’ll explain them for Setup Gmail in Outlook 2016 

How to setup gmail in Outlook 2016

How to Setup Gmail in Outlook 2016

For this, you’ll need a Gmail Account with its password and an Outlook Application. If you don’t have any of these, get it. Another requirement is good internet.

For other applications, doing so is very easy. But here there will be many restrictions.  Thus, to solve them, one-by-one do the given techniques To Setup Gmail In Outlook 2016.


Through this google reduces the undue restrictions it has been using over the application in which you are using their account.  This is also beneficial for maintaining the security of your account to Setup Gmail in Outlook 2016.

setup gmail in outlook 2016

  • Open your browser
  • Search ‘Google Account’
  • Within the result, the official website to log in to your account will appear. Select it.
  • Press the ‘Security’ option
  • The ‘Two-Step Verification’ option will be availed here. Select the option to enable the setting
  • Add The mail address of the account that you want to use
  • Press ‘Next’
  • Add the Password of that address
  • Press ‘Next’
  • Press the ‘Get Started’ option
  • Again, add your Password
  • Press the ‘Next’ button
  • The ‘Try it Now’ will lead you to the area where you can verify your address. Thus, select it
  • Press ‘Yes’
  • Type your Contact Number
  • Select ‘Send’. A code will be sent via Message
  • Type the code
  • Select Next
  • Select ‘Turn on to setup Gmail in Outlook 2016

Once the process is completed follow the additional step to get a password

  • Select ‘App Passwords’
  • Type your Email Id
  • Select ‘Next’
  • Type your Password
  • Select ‘Next’
  • Select ‘Select App’
  • In it, Select ‘Other’
  • Type a name (see the example within it)
  • Select Generate
  • Copy the password on the screen


For an application providing the service of mail, the protocol plays an important role in the delivery process. Most of the time, within the service provider of then google, this specification isn’t enabled which further creates an error.

  • Use your browser to get into your G-mail Account
  • Once you enter it, settings an icon within it.
  • If the protocol selecting option doesn’t display, with the option there will be ‘See all Settings’. Press it.
  • In the top section of the page that has loaded, press on the ‘Forwarding and POP/IMAP’ option.
  • Here all the alternatives will be available. You can choose the protocol through these.
  • Press on the ‘Save Changes’ option


create profile to setup gmail in outlook 2016

Admission to any given account requires a set-up that will add all the details that are needed for them to use it. A similar process must be followed here for adding the initial details to setup Gmail in Outlook 2016.

  • Within the application, press on the ‘File’ option available in the upper section.
  • In the alternatives that are available within it, press on Account Settings
  • For the option for set-up is available on the screen, again select the similar ‘Account Settings’ option within them.
  • The set-up will be available within the by selecting the ‘New’ option.
  • In this, there will be getting any of these options. Choose accordingly. The options: Manual setup/additional server types
  • Press the Next button
  • Select any one of the protocols that you have chosen in the previous setup.
  • Press ‘Next’

Type as instructed

  • Within ‘Your Name’ can be anything you want to be known for while using the application.
  • Add your account address in the place where the ‘Email Address’ is asked.
  • Choose the protocol that you want your account must follow while delivering the mail in the ‘Account Type’.
  • They will ask you to do the receiving set-up, in the ‘Incoming mail server’ option. So, according to the protocol you have chosen, type its name in small letters with ‘.’.
  • Now, they will ask the server for sending. In any case add:
  • In User Name, type the Gmail Id
  • Finally, in the option asking for the password, paste the one that you produced earlier.
  • Press ‘More Settings’
  • In the setup available, choose the option called ‘Outgoing Server’
  • Check/Tick the settings available there.
  • Press Advanced
  • Type
  • In the initial option where the Incoming Servers number will be asked: 995
  • For the other setup which within the outgoing server will ask you to add the number: 587
  • Finally, a set-up will require the name of the encrypted connection: TLS
  • Press ‘OK’
  • Choose ‘Next’
  • Again press ‘OK’

If any error occurs in between, go to the following website: Contact Us – at +1-877-432-0678. Select ‘Open Get Help App’ and select ‘Open’. Type your problem. If the solution that appears in the option doesn’t help you then select contact support. Here, they will ask you regarding the application facing the problem. Provide the details and you will get a solution.

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