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How to setup Gmail in outlook 2010? Complete Guide


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The email service was invented sometime in the 1960s however, for the general public it began to pick up more prominence only after the launch of the World Wide Web in 1990. After this several email service providers began working towards creating their own brand of email. Two of the most popular services of these were by Microsoft and Google, but what if you want to link these two and setup Gmail in outlook 2010.

We are here to tell you all about it just by following the steps given below.

About Outlook

Microsoft’s very own email service was created in 2012, its basic function is allowing users to send and receive messages electrically.

It is the quintessential service provider for sending and receiving emails, managing and tracking information and messages, acting as a calendar, note taker, etc.

outlook 2010


Outlook is seen as a very multitasking email platform. You get to do several tasks from just one application, below is a list of some of its really amazing features, which is all the more encouragement for you to want to setup Gmail in outlook 2010:

  • It allows you to send and receive messages like several other email platforms.
  • You can manage your calendar, which in turn helps in better management of all your future tasks.
  • It also reminds you before you have sent an email if you might have forgotten an attachment.
  • It assists you in keeping a record of all your contacts.
  • It comes with a cool clean-up folder in order to delete several messages at the same time.
  • You can also stay on top of all your messages by categories, with the help of outlook.

Steps to setup Gmail in outlook 2010

If these management services provided by outlook have impressed you enough to want to amalgamate your email with it then here’s how you can setup Gmail in outlook 2010. There are two different ways to go about it as we have listed below:

Automatic setup Gmail in outlook 2010

  • Open your Gmail and sign in to your account.
  • Proceed to the settings of your account and find the option that says forwarding IMAP.
  • There you will have to check if the IMAP is enabled or not.

enable imap

  • Open Outlook and go to the backstage view option, where you will see the account settings.
  • Click on the new button ad enter the details of your Gmail account, such as name, address, password.
  • Verify the passcode and hit next.
  • After that the automatic process will take care of the configuration by itself.
  • It might take some time but if all your information has been entered correctly then you can soon have access to your account on outlook 2010.

add gmail account in outlook 2010

setup Gmail in outlook 2010 manually

If the above method fails to setup Gmail in outlook 2010, then you can also do it manually, as given below:

  • Visit the account settings of your program and find the settings for your server.
  • Choose the option that helps you set up an internet email and connect it with a POP/IMAP server.
  • Then proceed to enter the account information manually like the type, mail address, etc.
  • Add your settings to the email settings.
  • Verify your server settings in the advanced tab and continue on.
  • If the account details have been entered correctly, then you can begin using the Gmail linked with outlook, after saving the changes.

How to Sync Gmail with Outlook

Gmail is a mail interface by which we can send and receive mail as well can share photos, videos, and files. It is an easy and fast way of communication. Gmail is a Google product that works according to Google guidelines.

Outlook is also a mail service providing software and a  Microsoft product and one of the software of the Microsoft office suite. Outlook has a lot of features compared to the other email service provider.

One of the best outlook features is that it can add other mail applications. With this feature, you can see your Gmail or Yahoo mails in Outlook.

setup Gmail in outlook 2010

Now let us discuss how to setup Gmail in Outlook 2010.

When you sync your Gmail with outlook manually remember these settings and check whether they are correct or not.

Your incoming server should be Its encryption should be SSL/TLS and the port should be 993. Whereas for the outgoing server it should be its encryption should be 465 and the port should be SSL/TLS.

Steps to sync Gmail with Outlook-

The first thing you need to do is to generate a system password and this can be done through Gmail.

sync gmail with outlook

  • Open Gmail and write down your account credential and go to your account.
  • On the menu option, go to the setting icon and select the setting option.
  • On the setting, the window chooses Forwarding and POP/ IMAP.
  • At the bottom of the screen, the status of IMAP would be shown. Enable the IMAP and save the settings.
  • Now open your Google Account for the Google Mail page only.
  • Sign in to your Google account and choose the Application password option. Go for a two-way verification process for more security. Then choose the way you want to receive a password. So choose Mail and send to Window computer and then press Generate.
  • You will receive a system-generated password.

Now set up the outlook.

  • Open your Outlook.
  • Select the file tab present on the Menu bar of the window.
  • Then select Add Account option.
  • Choose a new option from the window.
  • An outlook window will show you a message to enter your Gmail address. Follow the instructions that are being told and write down the address.
  • If you click the connect button it will sync the Gmail with Outlook but for some outlook versions, you have to set it up manually. So for this check in the box which states let me set up my account manually.
  • An IMAP setting page for your Gmail will open.
  • Check the detail mentioned above. If there is some change then change it according to the information given above.
  • Now on the next window, you need to enter the password that the system generated for Gmail. The outlook will verify you as a Google mail account holder.
  • Click the connect button.
  • The outlook will start adding the Gmail account. It will take some time.
  • When the setup is completed, you will see a message stating Setup is completed.
  • Click the Ok option.
  • Your setup Gmail in Outlook 2010 is completed.

If you face any problem with the setup Gmail in Outlook 2010 or having trouble in setup them connect with the technical expert for help.

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