How to Set Up a D-Link Router


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The D-Link Router can be set up in a matter of minutes, and after that, your Wi-Fi connection will be established and you will be able to access the internet by using your D-Link Router. This blog will answer all your question about How to Set Up a D-Link Router in no time. Make sure the router’s back ethernet port has an active data jack or an Ethernet cable connected to the modem before continuing. However, if you struggled a little with setting up your HP Deskjet 3721, don’t worry; Tech Support 24×7’s blog will undoubtedly be of great help to you.

How to Set Up a D-Link Router

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A router is a device that enables numerous computers, smartphones, and other devices to connect to a single network. In order to link any connected devices to the router with an Internet connection, the router is then commonly connected to a modem. This manual aims to assist you in setting up your router for the first time.

In the box you may find some of the followings:

  • The power supply or charger of the router
  • The device manual
  • Driver disc
  • USB cable
  • Network cable

Now let’s get into the part of setting up D-Link Router. As stated before, the following process may be slightly differs as it based on the type of network connection you use.

Attach the Router to Modem

Step 1: Attach Power Adapter to the Router

The router was packed with a power adaptor. The router, your wall socket, and the power strip should all be connected using the adapter.

Step 2: Connect Ethernet Cable

Connect the modem’s Ethernet cable to the router’s WAN port. In order to distinguish it from outgoing Ethernet ports, this port is frequently painted yellow; however, the WAN port on the D-Link 524 and D-Link 624 is black.

It has a built-in DSL modem if you are using a D-Link DSL 2640T. You should connect a phone line from a phone jack to the DSL port on the rear of the D-Link 2640T instead of using an Ethernet cable to link it to another modem.

Watch for the status lights for the Power and WAN to turn on. This should just take a little while.

Connect Computer to the Router

Wired Connection

Connect a network cable to one of the Ethernet ports on the D-Link and the Ethernet port on your computer. Except for the WAN port, which needs to be linked to your modem, any of the Ethernet ports on the router can be used.

Wireless Connection

Step 1: Check the list of Available Networks

Click the System Tray’s Network icon.

Step 2: Select the Network

To access the network linked with the router, click its name. On the configuration card included with the router, this is stated. It starts with dlink- and is then followed by a brief string of digits.

Step 3: Enter Network Password

Enter a network key or password. The configuration card’s written password is this one.

Step 4: Connect to the Network

Click to connect to join the network

Configure the Router

Step 1: Acess the Router’s Setting

Enter the IP address of the router into the address bar of an open Web browser. The IP address for the D-Link 524 and 624 is The address for many models, including the 2604T, is

Step 2: Enter the Username and Password

Press OK after entering a username and password. The login is admin unless otherwise specified on the router’s packaging instructions. The password must be left empty for the AirPlus Xtreme, including the 524 and 624 variants. The password for the 2640T is admin. The password for some D-Link models is password.

Step 3: Open the Setup Wizard

In order to configure your router, launch the Setup Wizard. Click Next or Run Wizard. Most settings are chosen by the router automatically based on typical defaults for your connection type. After that, you are prompted with several questions to finish configuring the router.

Step 4: Select the Connection Type

The radial button next to your connection type should be selected. Unless you are aware that your provider demands a static IP address, in which case you should pick Static, most cable modem customers should choose DHCP.

Step 5: Change the Network’s Name and Password

For your local wireless network, type a brand-new network name and password. The network name must stick in people’s minds. A network password should be a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols that are easy for you to remember yet challenging for others to decipher. For the next step, click.

Step 6: Select Time Zone

The drop-down option allows you to select your time zone. To complete the configuration, click Next.

Step 7: Save Configuration

On the Setup Completed screen, select Save or Restart to save the configuration. The Power, WAN, and Internet status lights light up as the router reboots. Your computer can now be linked to your brand-new wireless network.

Contact the Experts

Thus, this concludes the setup instructions for the D-Link Router. We hope that this blog has provided you with some useful knowledge that will enable you to do this task without experiencing any difficulties. To achieve the greatest results, make sure to follow each of the procedures above in the exact same order and without skipping any. Nevertheless, if you believe you will need professional support while carrying out these measures, you can without delay get in touch with our professionals at +1-877-432-0678. We guarantee the best assistance in a timely manner.

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