How to reduce font size in adobe acrobat?


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Adobe Acrobat lets you convert the text in PDF document to whether the document is checked or changed over from another program. The Content Editing features majorly work to changing text size, shading, and other designing in your PDF record. Be that as it may, there are likewise a few impediments on your capacity to change text size.

The process to select text on Adobe:

  1. Boxes will show up around lines or passages of text in your PDF when Acrobat perceives text.
  2. If these cases don’t show up, click “Tools” at that point “Text Recognition” and afterward “In This File” to open the alternatives to the recognized text.
  3. Pick which pages you need Acrobat to change the text on and click “alright” to begin the procedure. Recently perceived content may not utilize a similar text style as the first.
  4. On the off chance that you need to hold a specific font style, edit the document in another program and convert it to PDF, or manually change the font style once Acrobat finishes the content acknowledgment process. By this, you can change the font style in your Adobe Acrobat. 

User’s perspective on Adobe font size:

These are the process of changing the font type, it is important to have a bigger font as it is easy to read and understand without pressuring the eyes. The smaller font always creates hazy eyes and people find it difficult to read. And if you are sending any document which is created in acrobat then you need to have the bigger font in the document. 

Change the font or even increase the font size:

  1. Open the adobe acrobat. Click “tools,” at that point “Content Editing” and “change Text and Images.”
  2. Select any text you need to edit, and the other alternatives under “Edit Text and Images” will open up.
  3. Change the text size utilizing the drop-down menu of numbers underneath the font style name drop-down menu.
  4. This will lead to the font size whatever you preferred. You can choose the font size according to the people that read the text.


By following these steps you can change the font size or increase and decrease according to your wish. Mainly people think that changing the default setting will be led to other issues. So they adjusted their documents in the smaller font. In this article, we wish that the above steps are easy to follow and try to solve your issue of increasing the font size. as we know that adobe acrobat helps you to form or maintain the records of PDF and it also allows you to create, edit the PDF files and view the online-offline modes of PDF in the adobe acrobat. It is somehow the important application and you want to change the font size so that it will be easy for the people to read the document which was editing or created in adobe acrobat.

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