How to recover deleted emails from yahoo?


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We all know that Yahoo used to send and receive messages. Yahoo is the webmail servers which helps the users to send and receive mails, PDF, documents, etc. you can share whatever you want. It also gives you good storage which is good for the users. So in between that, you got to see spam messages and various other mails that just consumes the space. You need to delete all of them. Accidently you end up deleting some of the important messages which you want them back. Well, this article helps you to understand how to retrieve the old messages which were deleted.

Whenever you delete any of the mails, yahoo keeps that deleted mails into the trash folder, you need to clear that trash folder to permanently delete those messages. To reload those messages you need to look for that in the trash messages:

Recover deleted yahoo messages:

  1. Go to the yahoo mail official site.
  2. Login to your yahoo account by entering your username and password.
  3. When the yahoo preface is opened, then you can see the left side of the mailbox, you can see the trash box or folder where all the deleted emails are stored.
  4. By clicking on that you can see the mails and choose the mails which you need to see again.
  5. Click on the move on the toolbar of the trash folder and opt for the deleted folder which you want to reload in your mails.

Retrieve lost mails:

In some of the case if you permanently delete your mails or there are some lost emails which you didn’t receive or see and wanted to know about that now. You need to retrieve the deleted or the lost mails:

You need to submit a request mail to retrieve lost and deleted emails:

  1. Go to the yahoo official website.
  2. Login to your yahoo account by entering your username and password. Just to be sure if you forgot your password, there is a link quoted “ Forgot Password”. By clicking on that you get to know your password.
  3. After login, you go to the left side of the mailbox and click on the trash folder. If you can see the desired mails which you want in your messages then you just need to click on the move and shift that specific mails to your mail folder. If you are not able to see the desired mails then you need to send a request for that.
  4. To send a request, you need to go to the Yahoo mail restore help from, by then you can click on the restore request if you want to retrieve your deleted emails.
  5. In that request form, you need to fill the form as answers to some of the questions like the reason behind the request, or your username, etc.
  6. After filling that form, you need to wait for some time to retrieve the mails.


We wish that through this article the user gets to know how to retrieve the deleted emails from yahoo. Sometimes it is urgent to retrieve the message or reload the old messages from yahoo. If the user stuck in between then they can opt for the option of the customer support for better assistance.

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