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Complete Guide For How to open outlook in safe mode


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Below is the complete guide for How to open Outlook in Safe mode:-

Our professional life revolves around Outlook and we grow to like this application when we have a habit to use it all day long. Outlook has solved many problems and brought all the new and necessary features under one roof.

But the outlook is sometimes hard to understand for someone who is using it for the first time, there are many features in which people find it difficult to operate it. Don’t worry we are here to solve those quires for you, in this article we are aiming to solve the quire about How to open Outlook in Safe mode.

How to open Outlook in Safe mode

But first, before getting into that we should know that what is the safe mode in outlook and how to open outlook in safe mode. Well, if by any reason your Outlook stops responding or may cause some problem and it is important for you to access the application then there is a safe mode available for you to work on.

The feature of safe mode works as a supplement that can be utilized when your Outlook is not working properly, the only issue in this is that we might be restricted to use all the features of outlook but then also all our basic functions will run smoothly. This option is a life-saver as it can save us from emergency situations. The only thing now left is to know that how to open Outlook in Safe mode.

Step by step process for How to open Outlook in Safe mode

Well, we can access it by these steps which are available, we are going to discuss all of them, in brief, to understand them effectively:

How to open Outlook in Safe mode

  1. With the help of the keyboard:

For this, first, look at Outlook then, the first hole on to Ctrl key from your keyboard and then pressing on Outlook then a pop-up message will appear that will clearly ask you for starting safe mode which you can accept and it will run.

  1. Run Box option:

Even after having this option we rarely use this feature but still, it is a relevant option for us to utilize open the run box either from the start bar or just use the shortcut that is Windows + r Key that will run in no time. Now you need to enter a command which is outlook.exe/safe then the safe mode will ask you for selecting the main default profile which will be Outlook that you have to add and select okay and your safe mode will start.

How to open Outlook in Safe mode

  1. Shortcut:

To make a simple alternate shortcut you need to at first right-tap on your PC screen and a short time later goes to the ‘New’ elective and a short time later, you will really need to see the simple course decision in the bar select it and a while later, we will move to a bit tangled essentially click on the examine the decision and pick the point of view executable record which will be accessible in the c drive of your structure and preceding running it attempts to add/secured around the completion of the report name.

Then after this, you will be drawn closer to give a name for your backup course of action, in that you can essentially add Outlook Safe mode or any name you can relate to. Also, subsequently, you can open the substitute alternate shortcut and use it.

  1. Cortana Search

An exceptionally basic strategy is to provide an order of – Outlook.exe/protected on the cursor bar and pick, choice and afterward run it for the experimental model.

Now your problem of how to open Outlook in safe mode is solved.

For more details, you can watch the video given below to know How to open Outlook in Safe mode

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